Traditional wedding invitations frequently include an RSVP card. Many of you recognize that’s the card invite guests use to respond whether they room attending or not, yet what around that lonely “M” ~ above the blank line? What walk it was standing for? Is it an abbreviation for Mr., Mrs. Or Ms? This is in reality a pretty typical question through newly involved couples just starting to look for wedding stationery and also wedding invitations.

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The “M” is simply a prompt because that the guest to write their names. The “M” beings the location of Mr. , Mrs, Ms., etc. And then they space to proceed with creating out your names.

Today we see a pretty also split in between traditional and an ext formal wedding invitations that incorporate the “M” and more modern-day and casual wedding invitations that incorporate “Name(S)” instead. This is no surprise as today’s wedding invitation etiquette tends to be much an ext lax than it supplied to be.


There is no right or wrong so mine advice to the couples I occupational with is to carry out what renders the most sense for them and also for their guests. The only thing I carry out urge against is doing just a blank line without any kind of kind that a prompt.

In mine experience, if girlfriend don’t include a prompt, part guests might inadvertently skip the heat altogether and not encompass their names at all. The worst point for you is to obtain an RSVP map without any name ~ above it.

Another pro reminder is to number every RSVP lightly together you stuff them with the wedding invitations and also keep a perform of the numbers. This will further assist you know who each answer card comes from as they are went back to you.


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