As i have described in previous write-ups already, the holy Spirit is a divine Person. The is the third Person the the triune Godhead. I have additionally shown that the heavenly Father has a "bodily" form. But does the divine Spirit also have a bodily form? Let"s find out from Scripture.In Luke"s gospel, he documents what taken place at the water baptism the our lord Jesus Christ. "Now when all the world were baptized, Jesus was additionally baptized, and while He was praying, heaven was opened, and also the divine Spirit descended upon that in bodily type like a dove, and a voice come out that heaven, "You are My lovely Son, in You ns am well-pleased."" (Luk 3:21-22)Here we discover that the holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in bodily form. The Greek word for “form” is “eidos” an interpretation “1) the external or exterior appearance, kind figure, shape; 2) form, kind” (Thayer). Words "bodily" originates from the Greek word "somatikos" definition "1) corporeal, bodily 1a) having actually a bodily type or nature 1b) pertaining to the body" (Thayer). The heart of God can appear or manifest himself in a bodily form, figure, or external appearance.This bodily type was visible to Jesus and also to specific others that were present. If He had not been visible, climate it would certainly not have actually been recorded, since nobody would have known about it. I know it is challenging for some world to understand exactly how the invisible heart of God could end up being visible. Yet john testified saying, "I have actually seen the heart descending together a dove out of heaven, and also He continued to be upon Him. I did not identify Him, but He who sent me come baptize in water said to me, "He upon whom you watch the soul descending and remaining top top Him, this is the One who baptizes in the divine Spirit."" (Joh 1:32-33). John testified that he had actually seen the Spirit.So we know that the divine Spirit appeared and made himself visible, together He lower from sky upon Jesus Christ. However what to be His bodily form like? We could assume that was favor a dove, due to the fact that the bible says, "the holy Spirit lower upon the in bodily kind like a dove." (Lk 3:22a). However, I do not believe the holy Spirit is restricted to looking choose a dove any more than Jesus is limited to looking like an really lamb. As humans, here in the organic realm we place great emphasis on outward appearance, and also we commonly recognize civilization primarily by exactly how they look. But in the spirit realm, we are well-known primarily by our inward character, when the exterior appearance is a secondary way to acknowledge someone. The Lord and the holy Spirit, as well as the divine angels, and even the devil and also his demons, can appear in miscellaneous forms. They room not minimal to only one, single form. For example, once the Lord showed up after His resurrection to the 2 disciples top top the roadway to Emmaus, the Scripture says He "appeared in a various form" come them (Mk 16:12). Later on the apostle John witnessed Him as "a Lamb, looking together if it had actually been slain" standing at the facility of the throne in heaven (Rev 5:6). Or because that example, on the day of Pentecost, the divine Spirit appeared as tongues of fire that separated and came to remainder over every disciple present (Ac 2:3). He likewise appeared as seven lamps blazing prior to the throne of God in the revelation given to the apostle john (Rev 4:5). Likewise, the angels can show up as men, therefore that some have also entertained angels without understanding it (Heb 13:2). Likewise the devil can show up as an point of view of light (2 Cor 11:4), a serpent (Gen 3:1; Rev 12:9,15), and a red dragon (Rev 12:3,7,13,17).Having cited those instances of assorted forms, and also their changeable nature, let"s return currently to considering the i of Scripture about the Spirit"s lower upon Jesus in ~ His baptism. Once it claims the divine Spirit descended on Jesus "as a dove," this expression helps us understand not just the nature the his appearance (His form), but also the manner of his descent. Matthew documents it prefer this in his gospel. That states: "After gift baptized, Jesus come up automatically from the water; and also behold, the heavens to be opened, and he experienced the soul of God descending together a dove and lighting on Him, and behold, a voice the end of the heavens said, "This is my beloved Son, in whom ns am well-pleased."" (Mat 3:16-17) exactly how does a dove descend? the descends differently than other birds. Possibly we can say it hovers, floats downward, rather than swooping under to kill its prey as a an eagle, or circling overhead prefer a vulture, or flitting about recklessly favor a bat. I believe there to be a smooth, steady, deliberate, innocent, pure, and harmless path in i m sorry the divine Spirit descended on our lord that have the right to only be compared to the beauty beauty of a white dove descending. Matthew says, "descending together a dove and lighting top top Him," indicating that the holy Spirit pertained to rest and remain upon him in the exact same manner together a bird would certainly light upon the or floor on Him.Therefore, I believe the use of the dove simile in this passage of Scripture explains the manner of His descent, and also it may also describe the bodily type of the holy Spirit in that details instance, but I perform not think the divine Spirit is restricted to the bodily type of a dove. He deserve to take on countless other assorted forms.

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So in light of that, execute you think that could appear in the likeness of human being form? If so, you would need to have actually Scriptural assistance for the viewpoint. So where would we look in bible to uncover the answer?