For the human being who watched a many TV shows throughout the so late 90s and early 2000s, Whose heat Is it Anyway was among the funniest mirrors on air.

The improv comedy display featured the dynamic trio that Wayne Brady, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie. They, in addition to a guest, would comprise jokes and also play gamings with one another, every at the direction of the host and also the studio audience.

Drew Carey held the display in its an initial eight seasons, yet after that got revitalized in 2013, Aisha Tyler ended up being the brand-new host. The said, regardless of the fact that she’s to be hosting the show for eight seasons as well, some fans haven’t warmed up to her yet. 

A short history of ‘Whose line Is that Anyway?’


Aisha Tyler | Charley Gallay/Getty images for WGAW

Based top top a british show, the American variation of Whose line Is that Anyway? premiered in 1998, and also it quickly discovered an audience in America. That said, despite being hilarious, the display was canceled years before it in reality left the air. Throwbacks said that, in 2003, alphabet canceled the display due to short ratings. 

However, ABC had actually filmed so numerous episodes that the show ongoing airing up until 2007. After the display officially ended, fans preserved the present alive by talking around it through one another both in-person and also online.

This, in turn, created more fans the the show, and eventually, The CW felt prefer it to be a an excellent time to revive the show.

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Aisha Tyler i do not care the new host, yet some fans don’t choose her

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In 2013, the show was officially revitalized with the trio that Brady, Stiles, and also Mochrie every returning as part of the key cast. The said, Carey didn’t go back to his role as host, and instead, the was replaced by Tyler. The present made a few other boy changes, but almost everything else was the same. 

Currently, the display has been renewed because that a 17th season, v Tyler returning together the host. This method that, when the 17th season is filmed and aired, she would’ve hosted the show for more seasons than Carey has. In spite of the present being a ongoing success however, part fans aren’t enjoying her run as the host.

For example, on Reddit, prior to the display was officially renewed because that a 17th season, a fan remarked that, “8 periods of Aisha is 9 also many.”

While this comment wasn’t well-received by the community, other similar comments have sprung up since then.

After the display was official renewed, a pan on Reddit said that, “She looks prefer she doesn’t even want to it is in there half the time.” an additional fan had a an ext nostalgic take, together they said, “Please come earlier Drew Carrey, the present you requirements you.”

Do fans yes, really dislike Aisha Tyler?

For the record, ns am the present host that
cwwhoseline. Airing Mondays top top
TheCW. Also for the record, I had actually a delightful time top top Friends. It adjusted my life in myriad ways, including structure friendships the endure to this day. The said, we all can, and also must, carry out better. Https://

— Aisha Tyler (
aishatyler) June 12, 2020

While those were actual opinions from real fans that the show, it’s absolutely not precise to say the their opinions space representative of the community. Like countless shows indigenous the past, the fans will always have a sense of nostalgia around them. This is true for every little thing that was on air, even if it is it’s Friends, The Jeffersons, orI Love Lucy.

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Unsurprisingly, the die-hard pan of the show, when they’re glad the Brady, Stiles, and Mochrie room all ago and funnier than ever, space a little sad that Carey isn’t ago as the host. Other fans, of course, room enjoying the display as is, and they think the Tyler meshes well through the rest of the cast. Together a result, the majority opinion the fans seems to be that she’s one of two people an okay or a pretty great host. 

Besides, it’s no a offered that Carey would certainly come ago to organize the show, anyway. Currently, he’s the organize of The Price Is Right, i beg your pardon is a much more popular and prestigious show.