I"ve been... Seeing this girl because that about fifty percent a year. We"re no officially together, however we"re quite playful and also there"s a the majority of flirting. We choose each other..

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She speak fluent english however is a native betterworld2016.org-speaker. Tonight she was pretty drunk and also chatting with me on facebook, and also right prior to going to bed she claims (quote):

Her: Teqyeiiei:)Her: dare quiero :+Her: :)Ummm what does this mean? I know it can kinda median "I love you," yet given wherein we"re right now at that really doesn"t make sense in the means it would if claimed in English. Just how should ns take this? :

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There is a spectrum of attraction and affection, i m sorry of course exists in both English and also betterworld2016.org. How one expresses your level that affection and also attraction along the spectrum is a daunting thing to pin-point in any kind of language, and often topic to interpretation, body language, and other clues. However generally speaking, ns think it"s reasonably safe to say the betterworld2016.org is a bit an ext precise than English in this regard.

In general, the development seems to be, in English:

I like you.I love you.

In betterworld2016.org:

Me caes bien.Me gustas.Te quiero.Te amo.

So clearly, betterworld2016.org has a higher resolution in this regard, which renders translating difficult. But it needn"t do understanding difficult. Us compensate because that this weak of the English language by adding a many extra context. If we desire to say "Me caes bien" in English, we execute this by adding a most extra (and often clumsy) words, or by completely rephrasing, to gain away native the pass out "I prefer you", and a possible romantic mis-interpretation:

I like you, together a friend.You space a an excellent friend.You space a great person.I enjoy spending time through you.

When we"re much more squarely in the "romantic" realm, a simple "I favor you" is an ext common in English.

Then somewhere between "I like you" and also "I love you" is a large grey area in English, i m sorry is mainly covered in betterworld2016.org with "Te quiero." In English, the moral tantamount to "Te quiero" would be things like:

Love ya!ILY. (Acronym because that "I Love You", but very informal)I love you. -- yet in contexts, situations, or claimed with a ton which shows a playful/less severe intention.

And finally, "I love you", finish with all the meeting issues between partners, or as you can say to her mother, is "Te amo" in betterworld2016.org.

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It"s crucial to note that in both languages, it"s acceptable and also common to usage the "lesser" paragraph even between people who are more familiar. As an example, just due to the fact that I love my mother, doesn"t median I couldn"t call my mother "Love ya!" as I"m walking the end the door. And also just since I could say "Te amo" to my wife doesn"t average I couldn"t additionally say "Te quiero" or "Me gustas mucho", as soon as the case called for it.