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Few cars room as separating as the PT Cruiser. Some world loathed the distinctive styling that the PT Cruiser, i m sorry was favor a hybrid terminal wagon and also SUV, with a hints of retro architecture thrown in. Some human being absolutely love the distinctive look, i beg your pardon was and still is unequal anything rather on the road. In that is short, nine-year history, the PT Cruiser won some die-hard fans.

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Though the PT Cruiser is no longer in production, you can still uncover some quality formerly owned models in ~ a Chrysler dealer, such as kendall Chrysler. As soon as you take a test journey of the PT Cruiser, it’s beneficial to save in mind its brief history. One day, this distinctive model is bound to be a collector’s item.

Here’s a quick overview that the nine-year run delighted in by the Chrysler PT Cruiser:

Conception and also Introduction

Originally, the PT Cruiser was set to it is in a Plymouth model. However, it was moved over to the Chrysler department after the Plymouth nameplate was slated for discontinuation in 2001, which to be right as soon as the PT Cruiser was presented to market. Designer Bryan Nesbitt was behind the look of the PT Cruiser, and also you have the right to see his signature style all over it. Nesbitt additionally came up v the architecture for the Chevrolet HHR, i beg your pardon was developed from 2005 come 2011 and looks eerily comparable to the PT Cruiser. The PT Cruiser’s design was expected to evoke the watch of an larger gangster getaway vehicle like friend would watch in the 1930s or a street racer. That’s exactly the look it accomplished.

The “PT” in the name means “Personal Transport,” which is pretty straight forward. The “PT” was also a manufacturing code, and also when the automobile was produced in Europe for abroad markets, the designation readjusted to PG. The PT designation continued to be in place throughout Mexican production.

The PT Cruiser is classified together a truck by the nationwide Highway Traffic safety and security Administration, based on calculations the fuel economy. Yet most take into consideration it a car thanks come its hatchback design and also mechanics. Rumors circulate the Chrysler actually intended the PT Cruiser to be classified together a irradiate truck so that the car could carry down the median fuel economy of its truck lineup to fulfill CAFE (Corporate median Fuel Economy) standards.

The PT Cruiser was presented as a front-wheel drive, five-door hatchback in 2001, however a two-door convertible choice was introduced in 2005. The convertible featured a sport bar that increased air flow to the behind passengers and added protection in instance of a rollover. Unfortunately, manufacturing of the convertible ended in 2007 for the 2008 design year.

The very first PT Cruiser model came with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that put out 150 equine power and also 162 pounds per feet the torque. It to be paired v a five-speed manual transmission and also had a fuel economic situation of 18 mpg in the city and also 24 mpg top top the highway. One optional 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine to be also easily accessible in industries in Europe, Asia and also South Africa, as was a 2.0-liter D4RE engine that put out 140 horse power and also 130 pounds every feet that torque.

Some features on the initial PT Cruiser contained heated seats, strength steering, a six-speaker audio system, stole wheels, a full spare tire, and full wheel covers.

Right the end of the gate, the PT Cruiser was recognized as one of the 10 finest cars of the year by Car and also Driver magazine, and it won the north American vehicle of the Yer.

Design Updates

In enhancement to the convertible and also numerous other special models, the PT Cruiser additionally evolved v many architecture updates end its nine-year run.

Only minor transforms were ever made to the exterior of the PT Cruiser. Major changes would have transformed its distinct look. Part updates included scalloped head lights, a chrome grille, a reduced front fascia that removed the brake cooling ducts, ring fog lights, and new tail lights.

The basic 2.4-liter engine became available in a “high output” version (230 equine power), Satellite radio became accessible as an option, as did Mopar cruise control. Starting in 2007, alternatives were likewise able to it is in ordered individually of packages. Because that example, buyers might get side impact air bags or anti-lock brakes without having to purchase an alternatives bundle.

Numerous trim levels were offered, including the Limited, Touring, Touring Signature, Street Cruiser and also GT. The Walter P. Chrysler Signature collection was available from 2005 to 2008. The limited Edition Platinum series was available in 2004 only. The Dream Cruiser series was available from 2002 come 2005 and also then again in 2009. The sport Classic and also Sport Couture models were readily available in 2010 only. This models were all identified by title in the lower left-hand corner of the lift gate.

Trim levels for the convertible contained the GT and also the Touring. A minimal trim level was offered for convertible models in Australia.

Special Editions

Though the PT Cruiser had actually a short run, numerous special editions were issued.

The PT Cruiser GT, or the GT Cruiser, to be a turbocharged edition introduced in 2003. The GT Cruiser featured a 2.4-liter turbocharged Inline4 engine v an aluminum cylinder block with steel sleeves, improved cooling, and forged internal components.

The GT Cruiser put out 215 come 230 steed power and also 245 pounds every feet that torque, and also it reached a peak speed the 125 mph. Power upgrades were easily accessible to make the car even an ext powerful. Parts from the evade Neon SRT-4 room able come be offered on the GT Cruiser.


The Dream Cruiser series 5 was introduced in 2009, and it had actually a pearl white body, black roof, black color spoiler, and aluminum cross-hatch grilles. The architecture included chrome door handles, molding, exhaust tip, and also interior trim. The model consisted of a four-speed automatically transmission, 17-inch SRT wheels, all-season power tires, and fog lamps. Just 1,750 units were made, and also only one was created with one Inferno Red exterior and also one with a Bright silver exterior.

The PT Cruiser Sport had a body-color spoiler on the roof, 16-inch alloy wheels, and also a graphite steel exterior (exclusive to this edition). A two-liter petrol engine was accessible on this one-of-a-kind edition.

The Couture Edition had a black and silver metallic exterior, split right down the center from front to rear. A red pinstripe significant the adjust in the color. The inner featured red leather bucket seats with black piping, a red transition knob, and also chrome trim. Dark gray leather seating was optional. Just 500 systems were produced.


The last PT Cruiser model was marketed in 2010, and also all manufacturing stopped in 2009. Chrysler offered 1.35 million systems of the automobile during its nine-year run.

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But the PT Cruiser is no dead. You can visit kendall Chrysler, the optimal Chrysler dealer in Miami, to take a test drive of a previously owned PT Cruiser. Girlfriend will autumn in love through this distinctive vehicle.