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The hard, light-colored hardwood of a central American tree.

The tree is Cybistax donnellsmithii, household Bignoniaceae

‘Primavera is a big rainforest canopy tree, sometimes reaching come 100 feet in the natural rainforest, v a right clear bole as much as 3 or 4 feet in diameter.’
‘Deep in the rain woodlands of central America, lumberjacks hew the primavera tree in the dark that a moonless night.’‘The primavera"s sap rises and also falls, not v the seasons, yet with the phases of moon.’
‘And ns cannot see the point of using green peas in a risotto uneven they room fresh, for instance in a seasonal Italian primavera treatment.’‘One of my friends volunteered to do fettuccine primavera.’‘A main course of cannelloni in rosé sauce v risotto primavera to be curiously served together in a bowl rather than top top a plate.’‘She assignment a reassuring sounding risotto primavera i beg your pardon she tells me is great way to uncover how great the chef really is.’‘I collection out to do an easier, lower-fat variation of pasta primavera while remaining true to the original idea - pasta combine with lots of fresh seasonal vegetables, each retaining its distinct taste and also shape, in a flavorful, creamy sauce.’‘But there is a beloved pasta primavera if you don"t like the element rib.’‘When I"m done, I have bite-sized bell peppers, carrots and also cherry tomatoes because that snacks, and also veggies ready for pasta primavera, stir-fries, burritos and fajita dinners.’‘It"s only since the dress you room wearing is black, if it was white it would certainly be tie-dyed through pasta primavera and creamed spinach.’‘The fish satellite on a tiny collection that the type of vegetables you"d find in a pasta primavera; small carrots, tiny peas, asparagus and also so on.’‘So pick a p burrito rather of chicken fajitas, pasta primavera rather of spaghetti v meatballs, and do your entirety body a favor while you boost fertility… naturally.’‘All the normal suspects space available-spaghetti, linguine, penne, fettuccine, rigatoni, fusilli-to integrate with napoletana, spicy arrabiata, primavera, pesto or putanesca toppings.’‘The remainder of us effective Stone-Age varieties get hungry two hrs after 1,500 calories of pasta primavera, due to the fact that our insulin is stimulated and lowers blood sugar.’‘If every this puts you in the mood because that pasta primavera, skip the high-fat Alfredo sauce and go because that the standard red stuff.’‘Russell Crowe and Al Pacino bespeak tempura in the film - a little bit expensive, but your guests will certainly love the - and Crowe"s wife in the movie mentions she"s do pasta primavera (though that could be a challenging dish to present at a party).’‘‘I would solve him something quick and light - pasta primavera and white alcohol - though ns don"t know if he deserve to eat pasta with that full mask,’ she fantasizes.’‘There is even a situation to be made (though it is a issue of part debate) the Le Cirque that introduced the American public to pasta primavera and also crème brûlée.’‘Tables are no longer marked by uniform rows of the lobster salad and also pasta primavera.’‘My Fab friend had the pasta primavera with tomato, peppers, aubergines, zucchini, onions and rocket for €10.95.’‘In actuality, they were having pasta primavera.’‘I simply can"t rustle up such fantasies digging into yet another burger or pasta primavera.’



/ˌprēməˈverə/ /ˌpriməˈvɛrə/

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Late 19th century native Spanish, denoting the season of spring, indigenous Latin primus ‘first, earliest’ + ver ‘spring’ (alluding to the tree"s early on flowering).