When attempting come launch Minecraft, one error post can show up telling users, “Could no connect. Outdated client.” The outdated client error can be frustrating as soon as attempting to connect to Minecraft realms as it doesn’t offer a clear indicator regarding what’s resulting in the issue. However, there space a couple of things a play can try to fix the error.

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How to fix the outdated customer error in Minecraft


The most evident thing to do as soon as receiving the outdated customer error article in Minecraft is come make sure the game is completely updated. This frequently happens automatically on most platforms, however this may not have actually happened yet if a patch has actually just to be released.

To update Minecraft on assorted platforms, usage the indict below:


Highlight the game and press “+.”Move come “Software Update.”Press A top top “Via the Internet.”


Highlight the video game on the media bar or in the video game library.Press Options.Select “Check because that Update”

iOS and Android

Go to the game’s keep page.Press “Update” if it shows up on the page.

Xbox One/Xbox series X|S

Highlight the game icon and press the choices button.Select “Manage Game and also Add-ons.”Users should be able to see if there are any impending to update on this screen.

Windows 10

Find Minecraft in the windows 10 store.Press “Update” if it appears here.

Java Version

The Java version have the right to install lot of versions that Minecraft simultaneously. Players should make certain the version they’re using is compatible with the server they’re do the efforts to connect with.

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If players continue to have worries with the Outdated customer error message once they’ve updated their Minecraft installation, the worry probably lies with the server they’re trying to affix with. In this case, users can either effort to call the server’s owner or, if they very own the server, make certain it’s updated come the latest version.