Often, the patient is imaged soon after the management of the radionuclide, however occasionally the patient might be asked to return 30 minute to 4 hours after management of the radionuclide, to begin the imaging process. For part exams, the radionuclide will certainly be administered the day before the exam. This enables time because that the radionuclide to be "taken up" through the particular organ(s) gift imaged. Different organs take it up or absorb the radionuclide at various rates.

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The patience is positioned by the technologist ~ above an check table. Some nuclear medicine studies enable the patient to be seated. The nuclear medicine camera is climate positioned end the area the interest, for example, the heart. Some nuclear medication cameras have a patient aperture ("doughnut hole") choose a CT scanner and the patient is positioned inside of this aperture because that the study. The patient is simply required to relax and stay calm throughout the examination. During the nuclear medicine examination, the technologist and patient can communicate at any type of time.

After the examination, which deserve to last native 15 come 60 minutes, the technologist will certainly ask the patient to acquire dressed and wait when the nuclear medicine pictures are reviewed (either on movie or a computer system monitor).

Nuclear medicine "stress tests" involve exercise on a treadmill or stationary bicycle, adhered to by a nuclear medicine acquisition. After ~ a sufficient period of rest, a 2nd acquisition is made to gain images that the love at rest. Occasionally when exercise is contraindicated or not recommended for a patient, "stress" to the heart may be completed by the administration of medication. Patients who will undergo a stress test must wear low healed, rubber-soled shoes or tennis shoes and also comfortable garments that will allow them come walk ~ above the treadmill as required. This will certainly make the exam easier for many patients.

After the atom medicine photos are reviewed, the patient will certainly be exit from the imaging department or center. In some cases, more images will should be taken. For an ext information view "what happens during a diagnostic imaging examination?"

Patients maintain the low level radioactivity administered throughout a radionuclide study for fairly short periods. The radiation doses affiliated are therefore low that a person accompanying a patient deserve to stay v them transparent the day. Because that example, through bone scans studies, patients deserve to leave whilethe radionuclide distributes in their body and also come ago several hrs later for the procedure.

The radioactive energy dissipates top top its own, and also some the the radiation is eliminated through pee or bowel movement. The result is that the radioactive product is just in the patient because that a short time. As soon as the power is eliminated, patient no longer carry the radioactivity. The level of radiation affiliated in many nuclear medicine studies space usually substantially lower than a patient would receive in a conventional x-ray examine or CT scan. Approximately 12 million nuclear medication exams space performed in the U.S.

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Each year.

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