In The an excellent Gatsby, Nick Carraway goes to the eastern in bespeak to find out the shortcut business. Everyone he to know is in the link business, therefore he figures it will carry out well for him to additionally enter this profession. Additionally, after return from the war, Nick has become restless in the Midwest, "the ragged edge of the universe."

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nearly thirty year old, Nick appears only newly to have determined what to execute with his life when he comes East. He explains that he graduated from Yale in 1915. There"s an inexplicable gap in between that and also leaving to fight in world War I, which the united state did not get...

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Almost thirty year old, Nick appears only freshly to have made decision what to execute with his life as soon as he come East. He describes that he i graduated from Yale in 1915. There"s an unexplained gap between that and also leaving to fight in civilization War I, which the united state did no get associated in until 1917. ~ the war, the comes earlier to his home near Chicago, and also for a few years that doesn"t it seems to be ~ to have the ability to get his footing. He finds himself specifically restless in the Midwest and also wants to acquire away.

After consulting with this family, Nick comes eastern to learn and start a career in the shortcut business. That is born to a wealthy family that owns hardware stores, therefore his father deserve to finance him for a year in this venture.

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Nick doesn"t tell us everything. The doesn"t tell united state what careers he might have tried and abandoned in ~ a time when many young males were well developed in a vocation by age thirty. He likewise doesn"t cite what Daisy and also Tom will bring up as soon as he involves dinner at your home: lock think the is engaged to marry a woman the end West, having actually heard a rumor. This he vehemently denies, however he later ruminates that he needs to break the off v this woman to whom he"s tho signing his letters "love." Reading between the lines, we deserve to infer the extricating himself from this relationship is another factor steering his "restless" behavior.