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The mole is Mexico’s national dish, yet it is just a sauce. Did you think it to be the taco? Or maybe one of those braided monstrosities you get from Chipotle? Nope, it’s a bit more refined and a bit more flavorful.

Origin of words Mole

Although many think the word mole comes from the Spanish word moler, definition “to grind” that actually comes from a Nahuatl (Aztec) word, molli meaning, “sauce” or “mixture.” Most people have more than likely never skilled an honest-to-goodness mole. Mexico restaurants in the U.S., i beg your pardon churn out generic cookie-cutter key that are one step gotten rid of from rapid food, absolutely rarely make genuine Mexican moles. The flavors of an authentic mole space sweet, nutty, roasted, and slightly bitter.

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The mole comes from the southern region of Mexico wherein there is heavy Amerindian influence and also chocolate is used in both sweet and savory dishes. However, the constant translation the mole to median “chocolate sauce” is incorrect, as just a little percentage the moles usage chocolate. And also although the mole has actually pre-Columbian roots, and the word comes from the Aztec language, that is extremely doubtful that the Aztecs ever before would have actually used cacao in a savory recipe. Exploring with coco came in the seventeenth century, after ~ the Spanish conquest. Check out also When to be the first Use that Chocolate?

Guajillo chiles

Masa harina is supplied as a thickening agent. The is a unique Mexican corn meal that is various than ours. It deserve to be to buy in many big chain grocery store stores, in the international section. The guajillo chile used right here is a dried chile that is provided a many in Mexico. This renders a spicy and also flavorful stew that i hope, knocks your socks off.

Mole Amarillo con Pollo y Verduras

Yellow Mole through Chicken and also Vegetables

15 Guajillo chiles2 whole allspice2 totality cloves1 tbs cumin seeds1 tbs dried oregano8 garlic cloves5 come 6 tomatillos1 tiny tomato2 tbs vegetable oil

Stew Ingredients

2 lbs quartered red potatoes2 lbs sliced carrots6 okra, reduced in 1 inch pieces1 cup corn, fresh or frozen2 cups chicken, chopped (uncooked)1 tbs dried tarragon or cilantro1 cup masa harina3 cup water


First, roast the tomatillos and also tomato. Peel the paper husk off the tomatillos and also cut castle in half. Leaving the tomato whole. Toss them through olive oil to coat and also season through salt. Place in a roasting pan or top top a hefty rimmed cookie sheet and also roast in a 375° range for 20 to 25 minutes. The tomatillos must turn contempt brown and collapse. The tomato should wrinkle and also collapse.

While the tomatillos and tomatoes are roasting, toast the garlic cloves, through peels still on, top top a griddle or huge skillet, over medium heat. They will certainly soften and also the peels might turn slightly black. In ~ the same time, on the various other side that the griddle or skillet, toast the chiles which you’ve split and deseeded. You will certainly probably have to do another batch of chiles if you room using a skillet, to gain them every done. Press the chiles level with a spatula, skin side down, and also toast for a few seconds. Once they crackle a bit, revolve them over and press under on the other side.

Cover the toasted chiles through 2 cups hot water and also let castle rehydrate because that 30 minutes. Guajillos have actually a thick skin so make sure to rehydrate well. Meanwhile, eliminate the peel native the toasted garlic cloves.

Put the chiles, allspice, cumin, oregano, and garlic cloves in a blender in addition to the chile soaking water. Blend well. Remember, don’t put the optimal on the blender tightly as soon as blending hot ingredients. Just usage a clean kitchen towel to cover the optimal or leave the height askew, so the the heavy steam doesn’t blow it off resulting in a large mess. Add the tomatillos and tomatoes and blend again. Push the sauce with a wire-mesh kitchen strainer, a little at a time right into a bowl. If the sauce is also thick to push through, you deserve to thin it under a bit with much more hot water. Warm the 2 tablespoons oil in a saucepan simmer the strained sauce for about ten minutes.

Bring 12 cups of water to a boil and also cook the potatoes and also carrots for roughly 10 minutes. Include the okra, corn, chicken and tarragon or cilantro (if making use of fresh cilintro host it until the critical 5 minutes). Cook for five an ext minutes.

Meanwhile, mix the masa harina v the 2 cups of water, including the masa a little at a time to blend it (otherwise it will be lumpy).

Slowly add the masa/water mixture come the simmering chile water sauce (not the vegetables). Include 3 an ext cups the water and also cook until thickened. Integrate the thickened masa-chile sauce v the boil vegetables and stir. Taste and season together desired. Include a bit of street if you need much more sweetness.

Serve in bowls with tortillas or along with rice.


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