Beneath master Chief"s helmet is a man that has quite a couple of secrets the not also the best fans the Halo will know.

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understand Chief is the halo universe's residents hero. He's the stoic savior that the planet earth who asks for no praise and also continues to carry out his task of gift a super soldier without any kind of encouragement. Yet beneath the helmet is a guy who has actually quite a couple of secrets that many players aren't conscious of. The secret nature of ours faceless protagonist has always been among his greatest draws (while all at once being among the greatest complaints thrown his way).

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However, together the gloriole canon has expanded, so too has actually Master Chief's character. With each passing game, we have gained much more glimpses right into the male that the game developers had in mind as soon as they first made Halo: Combat Evolved. And also let's simply say, not every one of those glimpses have been satisfied or mild. Here are a couple of facts about Master Chief the you might not have actually known and also will definitely shock you. Our all-time favourite Spartan-II didn't become the hero he is without gaining a couple of issues follow me the way.

Master Chief acquiring his armor removed
among the finest things about being a Spartan is that sweet armor you get to wear. Fence of that all: you need a crew and some heavy machinery to take turn off Spartan-II Mjolnir armor. What does this mean for the grasp Chief? It method that every time we view him in a game, he's stuck in his armor until someone can aid him obtain out. The doesn't mean much because that Halo: Combat Evolved, yet if you think about it, master Chief invested Halo 2 v Halo 4 in his armor nonstop. How's a Spartan supposed to pee?

The Mjolnir kit is equipped through a catheter, i beg your pardon takes away a Spartan's urine and also then recycles it because that future use. It's postulated that waste is accumulated and climate disposed of by the suit together well. It renders you wonder if understand Chief has been leaving tiny waste bags lying roughly on every the gloriole rings.

Master Chief and also Cortana at the finish of halo 3
grasp Chief, also known as John-117, and the rest of his class of Spartans received genetic augmentations soon after they to be abducted by Catherine Halsey and also Chief Mendez. This augmentations were an important for making this children more than a few notches greater than the average UNSC soldier. Lock went with carbide ceramic ossification (grafting strengthening products to your bones), muscular improvement injections, occipital capillary reversal, and also so much more on their journey to becoming true Spartan-IIs.

One the the augmentations was a catalytic thyroid implant, i beg your pardon was expected to boost the growth of their skeletons and muscles. One side effect: a suppressed "drive." grasp Chief's libido has actually been genetically altered to be practically nonexistent.

Master Chief and also Cortana in aur 4
grasp Chief has a gap in between his 2 front teeth. Or at the very least he should. It's written in the aur novel, Halo: The fall of Reach. As soon as Dr. Halsey and Captain Keyes an initial scope out what man looks favor on his residence planet of Eridanus II, he is defined as having brown hair, a few freckles, and a gap between his two front teeth.

Maybe the gap closed increase on its own. There is never any mention of a Spartan put on orthodontic braces, therefore it's a safe presumption to state that if the space remained untreated and did no close increase on that own, understand Chief has a gap-toothed grin underneath the helmet. No that he'd ever before take the darned helmet off anyways. And also not the he'd ever before smile.

Halo 2
all told, understand Chief in his armor weighs about 1000 pounds (453 kg). It's no surprised that the Mjolnir armor weighs so much. Simply think of every the systems it has to carry. The inner layer is filled v hydrostatic gel. There's the titanium composite bodysuit underneath that. It's filled to the brim through the electronic components that regulate the HUD and the shielding systems. The outer layer is no light thing either. The shell is make of a titanium alloy. And also that's not to mention the unmentioned waste disposal system. It makes sense the the armor would certainly weigh for this reason much. Still, that is rather unbelievable. The grasp Chief is walking around in a suit that weighs a 4th of a car. He's battling the agreement wearing the load of a cool piano.

understand Chief is getting up in years. The augmentations the the master Chief received as a son may aid with any health concerns he might have had to worry around given his current age. Not only that, but due to the fact that of his expanded periods in cryosleep (which pause his body's functions during slipspace travels), the understand Chief's technical period is reduced than the years that have gone by when he's been alive.



13 The 117 Theories

while not based on official gloriole canon, some of the theories on how and also why understand Chief acquired his number, 117, are inspired or downright ridiculous. The most simple of surmises is the John-117 was just a random numerical assignation the end of a swimming pool of 150 boy candidates. One more theory searches the scriptures for answers, citing john 1:17 or man 11:7 as quotes that need to be important to grasp Chief's character.

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Others point to master Chief's birthday, which is march 7, 2511. Two derivations with the number 117. Either they choose the end variety of the year (11) and also pop the birth day (7) after, or they add the first two number of the year day (2+5=7) and also reverse the succession of the numbers to review 117.

throughout his childhood, grasp Chief was a little of a bully. In fact, the comes throughout as a bit... Unlikable. He seems obsessed through winning games and also does every little thing he can to certain this. Once Halsey very first meets him, he's play King of the Hill, which entails staying in ~ the peak of hill and also not allowing anyone else to sign up with you. What need to be a simple "push away" type of video game devolves into fierce kicks, vicious punches, and also even bites.

Our galaxy's future hero conquered on the playground as he dominates on the battlefield. We desire him to win his fights as much as he does. However have you ever stopped to wonder what sort of nature a life the violence demands? Odds are, it's a violent one.

The Librarian very first appeared "in person" in halo 4. Grasp Chief met an imprint the herself the she left top top Requiem in instance of emergencies. The Librarian is the Forerunner responsible for conserving mankind and also planting the evolution "seeds" the would result in the creation of the Spartan Program and also smart AIs like Cortana. And when the understand Chief is in hazard from the Didact and also the Composer, a weapon the Didact provides to digitize humans, the Librarian developments the Chief's evolution, effectively immunizing the from the results of the Composer.

This has huge repercussions. If master Chief is the culmination the the Librarian's planning, what exactly is she proceeding him towards? Is she looking to create copies of the Forerunners? walk she want him to be better than the Forerunners ever were? We have the right to only wait and also see.

This next fact deals with technical matters an ext than story content. Master Chief's confront is never truly revealed in the games. John-117's challenge as a young recruit for the Spartan regimen has showed up in cartoons and graphic novels, and also Halo 4's legendary ending even teased us with a peek at understand Chief's eyes.

When Halo: Combat evolved came out for pc with a practice Edition, intrigued players established a means to pan the camera toward understand Chief's head as he removed his helmet in the ending reduced scene. What they witnessed either entertained or infuriated them. As grasp Chief took his helmet off, players to be treated v the sight of another helmet underneath his helmet.

Remember when we provided that master Chief's Mjolnir armor weighs 1000 pounds? that still manages to publication it as soon as he demands to, however how quick can he operation in the armor? turns out, master Chief can run at 60 miles per hour once wearing the suit. Once you're play the games, specifically the earlier ones without a sprint toggle, it can feel as if understand Chief is gradually ambling his means across the battlefield. Yet this 47-year-old man have the right to run.

This doesn't even take right into account how fast a singular motion have the right to become. V Cortana plugged right into his neural interface, among her functions is to speed up connections between his engine cortex and also his really muscles. Adding that come the fact the Mjolnir is supposed to move at the rate of believed makes master Chief one lean, mean, speeding machine.

one official component of canon, john was steal from his home in the dead of night and also was changed with a flash clone. Speed clones, as their name implies, build rapidly, however with countless issues occurring from your rushed growth. Your metabolism degenerate and also they dice within a couple of months. ~ above Eridanus II, John-117's parents received a speed clone the John, and he died. Every the youngsters of the Spartan II Program, when unaware that the speed clones, knew the they had been bring away from their parents.

understand Chief has been in cryosleep for far too long. Forgoing the reality that you can stay in cryosleep much more or much less indefinitely, in the Halo universe, girlfriend are claimed to get in the cryo-pods v no garments on since if girlfriend do, intra-cellular ice crystals type between tissues resulting in a "freezer burn." execute you ever see master Chief enter a cryo-pod unclothed? Every time he emerges from a cryo-pod in complete armor, he is in excruciating pain indigenous the blisters that have formed during his time in there.

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Due to training and that tough demeanor us love, grasp Chief deserve to ignore that burning sensation and do his job prefer a professional. However, specifically considering his many recent stint in a cryo-pod lasted 4 years, the has got to be extended in the stays of blisters old and also new.

If you include freezer burns and blisters to the scars grasp Chief received during his augmentations, you are going to have one pockmarked Spartan. The doesn't take right into account the countless scars he may have received when training or fighting the agreement forces. These scars would stand the end in stark contrast to the pale skin grasp Chief is certain to have. After ~ spending years in his Mjolnir armor, his skin obtained no direct contact with the sun. His skin must be the shade of pasty white glue.

return to the minute when Dr. Halsey and also Jacob Keyes checked out John-117's home to examine him, this was once Dr. Halsey performed one last test to watch if man truly qualified to be a component of her Spartan Program. What was this test? to be it an advanced question-and-answer session, posing john the most logically complicated problems so that he could prove his psychological prowess in fixing them? No, it was a coin toss. Halsey flipped a coin and asked him to guess what next it would land on every time. That's it. That's exactly how Halsey choose her favorite Spartan that the batch. Sure, John appropriately guessed every side v each flip.

after receiving those gruelling augmentations, grasp Chief spent few of his recovery time on plank the UNSC Atlas in bespeak to cure in a microgravity environment. John, ever eager come get earlier on his feet, decides to job-related out in the ship's gym. When there, a group of orbit Drop Shock Troopers begin hassling him. ODSTs are the UNSC's elite armed forces group, or at the very least they were till the climb of the Spartans. The odds of one Spartan versus 4 ODSTs might only be in the Spartan's favor, even if the Spartan to be recovering from surgery. Throughout the ensuing fight, man actually kills 2 of the ODSTs. In one Ender's Game-esque twist, it's hinted the the fight to be orchestrated by John-117's superiors in order come witness if the augmentations he had just obtained were as much as snuff.

little known fact: Cortana in reality affects the master Chief's body. Once plugged into his neural interface, Cortana has actually direct access to his brain. This doesn't make the Chief her puppet. Instead, this enables her to quicken his reaction times using his engine cortex. This also allows her to communicate with the Chief straight in his mind. As soon as she speak to master Chief in the game, that's not her utilizing a radio or part telecommunication device. She's in reality speaking come him with his mind. This defines why she seems to linger in the Chief's mind even when she isn't plugged in, together demonstrated throughout Halo 3 and also Halo 5. They're like telepathic psychic buddies. Just closer.

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