As we get ever before closer come Halloween, among the favorite tasks of some family members is to review some the the standard works that Edgar Allen Poe.

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After all, that else in American literature has such scary and macabre stories and poems, focused on death and also lost love? Edgar’s our guy when it concerns Halloween.

One the the favorite Halloween poems is “The Raven,” which was successfully spoofed by the animated display The Simpsons during a Halloween special.

Poe arisen quite a heritage with his short stories and also poems, every revolving approximately death, shed love and the macabre in general. “The Raven” is just one of those poems that have the right to be analyzed to be around either fatality or shed love, or probably both. The symbolism deserve to be interpreted in a number of ways, and also let’s take a rapid look in ~ a couple of this symbols and also what they might mean.

The Raven

Of food in a poem known as “The Raven,” that would just make feeling to invest a tiny time stating the title character. The raven tortures the narrator of the poem, especially with his incessant “nevermore” reply. Yet what walk the raven median in the poem?

The narrator refers to “Lenore” a couple of times in the piece, and the crow is asked around Lenore. When the Lenore symbolism will certainly be discussed in a minute, the raven could either be viewed as death (due to the dark color of the bird, i beg your pardon is regularly correlative come death) or might be symbolizing the Grim reaper taking far Lenore, that lost love. One more idea needs to do with Lenore no being an yes, really person but a prize of love, where the raven is a reminder come the narrator that death is coming and overrules any type of positive emotion in this mortal existence.


Lenore is clearly a symbol and also is not referring to an yes, really person. At least, that appears to it is in the idea, due to the fact that Poe take away no effort to explain anything around her.

We recognize from Poe’s biography that he did have a true love lost in his life, a mrs whom he was infatuated however was forbidden due to the fact that she was married to someone else. Climate she passed away quite young and also it tore Poe’s heart. Probably Lenore is a storage of that lost love, and the crow represents death which took she away indigenous the narrator and tortures the narrator’s heartbreak.

Another feasible explanation is the Lenore could represent life eternal, or hope and also optimism, when the crow is fact of death and also the finality of mortal existence, and as lot as the narrator wants to “focus” on what is possible with Lenore, the crow never stops working to overcome the room, reflecting that escaping fatality can never ever happen. It’s prefer paying taxes.

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Flight that the Raven

Which direction “The Raven” actually goes is increase for healthy debate, but it seems pretty clear the both the Poe’s favorite themes – death and lost love – are showing in colorful words directly from the love of Poe, one of the great writers in American history, and also the darling the Halloween.