If you noticed the a man you like looked under at the ground as soon as you walked previous him you’re more than likely wondering why he did it.

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This article will help you figure out why the looked under after you walked previous him and aid you come make feeling of it if it wake up again in the future.So, why would certainly a man look down as soon as you happen him? A man looking down once you walk past him can mean that he is attractive to you, he’s nervous, gift submissive, he can not want to seem aggressive or he could not want you to recognize he likes you.

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Since there room a number of reasons why a guy will look under at the ground after walking previous you it is essential to think about the context that it happened in and also the other body language signals that he showed when he go it.

Reasons why a guy will look under after you pass him

Each that the different reasons why a male will look under at the ground after you happen him will most likely come through a variety of clues in his human body language.
Below, i will mention a variety of reasons why a guy will look under at the ground ~ you happen him and also the human body language indicators to watch for.
He was attracted come youOne factor that a guy will look under at the ground ~ you pass him would certainly be the he was attracted come you.This would be specifically likely to it is in the reason if that smiled, held eye contact, adjusted his hair or clothing and also stood much more upright as he to be walking previous you.
If you view him on regular basis then it would be most likely that he would show other indications of attraction as soon as he sees you then together well.These signs can include:Pointing his feet in her directionSitting or standing more upright when he notices youHaving an ext dilated pupils than usual once looking at youStaring in ~ you then smiling or easily looking away as soon as you noticeMirroring her body languagePositioning self to be near youShowing indications of nervousness (mentioned below)Holding an extensive eye contactLooking to check out if she laughing when he isHe was nervousThe factor that that looked under at the floor after that walked past you might be the he was nervous and he didn’t understand where to look.
If he was nervous then it might actually likewise be a authorize that he to be attracted to you due to the fact that it argues that he want to make a an excellent impression ~ above you. If he to be nervous since of being attracted to you climate it would certainly be likely that the would present signs that nervousness roughly you as well as signs the attraction.Alternatively, it could be the situation that he has some social tension in which instance it would be most likely that he would act in a similar way when that is happen other human being as well. It would likewise be more likely the he would have actually avoided eye contact with you and that that would have walked in a means that confirmed smaller movements (ie he wouldn’t have actually swung the eight a lot).In either case, there space some other indicators of nervousness that he may have shown such as:
Rubbing the arms, face, foot or neckTouching the neckScratching the neckFidgetingCoughingSlouching (less likely if he to be attracted come you)He was being submissiveIt might be the case that that looked down at the ground because he was being submissive.It could be due to the fact that he felt favor you showed up as gift aggressive or you might have presented body language signals of aggression such as squinting, hiding delicate areas, tensing the jaw, staring or clenching the fists.If he was being submissive then it would be likely that he would certainly do various other things such as:
Avoiding eye contactAvoiding big movementsDistancing himself from youMaking his body show up smallerLaughing in ~ the mouthSlouchingShowing vulnerable areas such as the palms or neckHe didn’t desire to come throughout as aggressiveSince holding an extensive eye contact with world can come throughout as gift aggressive he might have looked down because he didn’t want to seem wild to you.If the is the instance then it would be likely that the would have shown comparable body language signals as if he to be being submissive however to a lesser extent.He didn’t desire you to know that he is attracted come youIt might likewise have been the instance that he did find you to be attractive yet he was trying to hide the he was attracted to you.
If that is the case then it would be most likely that he would have displayed other indications of attraction and also that he would have shown some signs of nervousness once passing you.

Consider your relationship with him

When make the efforts to number out why he looked down it would certainly be helpful to think about the kind of partnership that you have actually with him.If it was a male that you hadn’t met before then it would be more complicated to number out why he did it. In this case, you would have actually to think about the body language signals that he to be showing as soon as he walked past you to figure out even if it is or no he was attracted come you.
If friend don’t know him really well yet you carry out see him frequently then it would certainly be valuable to take into consideration how his body language and also behavior transforms when he very first notices you. If he does things such together sit more upright, allude his feet in ~ you, glance at you, place himself to be near you and mirror your body language it would be most likely that the is attractive to you.

Consider exactly how he acts when he sees you

As mentioned over the means that he alters or doesn’t readjust his human body language as soon as he an initial notices girlfriend will frequently give friend a lot of clues as to how he feels around you.If he changes his body language in a positive means when the notices you climate it would certainly be more likely that he is attracted to you.
If he alters it in a negative way then it would certainly be much more likely that he either has some social tension or the he feels intimidated by friend in some way.

Look for multiple signals through the exact same meaning

When do the efforts to number out what a guy’s feel are prefer towards girlfriend when simply looking in ~ his body language the is essential to look for multiple human body language signals the all indicate the exact same meaning.The factor for that is the a guy might show a solitary body language signal for many different reasons. Whereas, there will generally be just a couple of related reasons that that will present multiple body language signal that have the right to mean the exact same thing.
I have actually talked around what body language signals to look at for as soon as trying to figure out whether or not is attracted to you here.

Consider even if it is or not he was with people

If the looked down as soon as he walked previous you and also he was through other human being then it might be a clue as to why the did it.If he was with other people and he looked down then the factor that the did it can be the he has a girlfriend and also he didn’t desire to be watched checking an additional girl out.
Alternatively, it might be the instance that the didn’t desire to it is in made funny of through his friends.With the being said, he still might have excellent it for any kind of of the various other reasons mentioned above so you should consider the other body language signals that he showed once walking previous you to number out the exact reason.
If you desire to learn more about body language, a book I would certainly recommend would be The Definitive book of body Language (on Amazon). It reflects you just how to translate body language and also understand people"s true intentions.

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