First and also Foremost: very first and Foremost! Idioms space clever means to convey feelings and also thoughts with figurative speech. Many popular idioms still utilised now actually originated centuries of years ago. Among those famous idioms is “first and also foremost.”

Here in this article, one will uncover the meaning of the phrase, its origin the story, examples of just how it is supplied in day-to-day conversation/statements and other methods to to speak the same thing.

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First and also Foremost

First and also Foremost Meaning

The expression “first and foremost” is provided when one wants to put focus on the first opinion civilization should notification about who or something. The famous phrase “First and also Foremost” is usually practised come pay more emphasis on the main suggest or the most quality of who or something. This expression is likewise utilised for starters, to begin. Countless popular idioms quiet utilised now actually originated century of year ago. One of those famous idioms is “first and also foremost.”

Origin the This idiom Expression: The phrase originally arised in speech and also writing in the 1300s. “First that all” is an alternate to the same phrase and also has to be utilised widely too since the mid-1500s.

“First and also Foremost” Examples

Examples in Statements

A football player speak to a reporter ~ failing a game:

“First and also Foremost, we call for to work on ours passing match for following time.”

A passionate woman attaining to supply a speech a rally for the environment and its condition:

“First and also foremost, we need to admit that worldwide warming is a genuine

threat and also take the crucial steps to heal our environment.”

Examples in Conversation

A conversation in between a father and mother:

Mother: I can’t accept that Sammy took the automobile out now without permission and ended up in an accident.Father: I understand, but he is a kid, and kids makeMother: Well, what matters first and foremost is the he is fine, however as quickly as he come home, the is minimal for a month!

A conversation in between a boss and also employee:

Employee: I don’t understand exactly how I made it through the trip and fall down the stairs, however it could have been much more dangerous.Boss: All that matters first and also foremost is that you space not severely injured and that no human else to be harmed in the process.Employee: Yes, the just thing the bothered me is my pride.

Other Examples

She does a bit of writing, but first and also foremost, she’s a teacher.

First and Foremost, Roger has actually taken the interface of window and employed it to a an excellent account.

First and also Foremost, this forced a entirety battery of controls end consumption and production.

In this lesson, one will discover the definition of the phrase, first and Foremost meaning! example sentences of exactly how the phrase is practised properly and different methods to convey the very same thing.

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First and also Foremost example Sentences

She to be a singer, but first and foremost, a philosopher.Dublin is considered first and also foremost for its belletristic heritage.It is a cinema, first and foremost about death.It is first and foremost an agreement because that trade.She does a small schooling, but first and foremost, she’s aIn spite of being preferred for office, she settles first and also foremost a writer.First and foremost is the potential because that colossal fraud.One’s loyalty lies first and also foremost with their family.She to be the very first and foremost instructor who cared about her students.First and Foremost, Borland has used the windows interface and employed it come a an excellent advantage.First and foremost, our problem is the the right-wing would certainly possess veto power over nominations to the supreme Court.She go a bit of writing, but first and foremost, she’s aThe driving mirror is, first and foremost, an image: in psychoanalytic terms, a narcissistic to know or a self-reflexive representation.First and Foremost, us are purposely considering a confined subset of the potential troubles of current longer-term climate variation.However, my distress is not, first and also foremost, a therapeutic one yet a religious one.First and also Foremost in worth to the building and construction were the bishops.The employer gets, first and foremost, superior solutions from its lawyers – there space no disturbances from various other clients.First and also Foremost, it is essential to recognise the predators commonly thrive ~ above passive souls.First and Foremost, this came to a totality battery of controls end consumption and also production.First and Foremost is that almost every facility holds one OHP projector, whereas no all own slide projectors.This suggested, first and also foremost, complying with Bacon in the ingredient of natural histories.Despite being elected to office, that persists first and also foremost as a reporter.My girl, the first and foremost job of a doctor, inspires vessel in her being one.My various other travelling associate, Jack Thompson, would describe himself first and foremost as a poet.Friends assume the this to be the command she put first and foremost on the perform of what she aspired to achieve.It has actually been authenticated the such short articles as these were employed first and foremost as musical chapters.


Other methods to to speak “First and Foremost”

There are number of other ways to state “first and also foremost” and also communicate the very same meaning. Because that example, one can state “primarily,” “this take away precedence over every little thing else,” or “this is more important than.”

List of “First and Foremost” Synonyms

PrincipallyParticularlyThis is an ext important thanMostlyFirstMost importantlyPrimarilyFirst the allAbove allFirstlyMainlyFirst and principalAt firstFirst and also most importantFirst-everPrimaryThis bring away precedence over every little thing elseFirstlyMainlyPriorityBasicallyBeforeanything elseEssentiallyParticularlyIn the very first placeMost importantlyBefore all elseFirst-everAt the outsetFundamentallyEspeciallyFirst the allPrimarilyAbove all