Custom auto Operation motorcycles, most generally known together CVOs, are a line of models produced by Harley-Davidson beginning in 1999. Each year due to the fact that the program’s inception, Harley-Davidson has actually selected 2 to 5 mass-produced motorcycle models and included limited-edition customizations, such as bigger displacement engines, costlier paint designs, and extr accessories not discovered on the mainstream models.

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When the idea of developing a restricted production run of models pertained to be, assembly line time and excess components were unavailable because that the custom manufacturing effort. But when H-D’s armed forces contract finished in the 1990s, structure 42 — which formerly was provided to hand assemble certain military machines — to be freed because that the project and the FXR2 and also FXR3, minimal edition models motivated by the mass created FXR, to be created.

Before castle were called CVOs, these restricted edition bikes were known as Screamin’ Eagles since the minimal edition models to be fitted through performance upgrades native H-D’s Screamin’ Eagle branded parts. H-D dropped the Screamin’ Eagle name in 2009 and started introduce to the models together CVOs. In the adhering to graphic you have the right to view a an extensive list of every CVO/Screamin’ Eagle design created due to the fact that 1999.


Accessories developed for CVO models are periodically sold separately in Harley-Davidson’s accessories catalogs for all models in later on years, yet badges and also paint colors room kept specifically for the CVO model owners. If your bike is damaged or components are stolen, heaven forbid, to exclude, accessories have the right to be replaced, however only after offering proof of ownership of a CVO to the bespeak dealer.

With every the add-ons, CVO models are amongst the many expensive bikes produced by Harley-Davidson. Some riders like the standard, mass-produced alternatives because their starting prices room cheaper and also they allow you to customize her bike yet you choose.

If girlfriend would favor not to make custom alters yourself, picking a CVO with added upgrades is the many cost-effective option. Including all the additions accessible on a CVO come a conventional bike costs much more than to buy the bike with the add-ons already installed. Return pricier, Harley-Davidson justifies their prices through exclusivity because only a limited amount the CVO models room made each year.

Reviews of CVOs incorporate that lock rev much better and feel stronger. Amongst purists, FXR motorcycles space still thought about to be the best-handling Harleys ever. But practicality aside, they ultimately look better because of your chrome and billet trimmings and also custom repaint jobs.

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CVOs space not for everyone. H-D explains that the routine targets “alpha customers,” those who space brand loyal and pride us on riding the ideal there is to offer. So, what about you? room you a pan of CVOs? It’s never ever too so late to find the perfect CVO for you.