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I to be making pie dough the various other day and while prepare the dough a typical term provided in baking jumped the end at me. Ns realized just how confusing this term need to be to novice cooks and especially to non-native English speakers. It’s in reality a phrasal verb and also is idiomatic: to reduced in or ‘cutting in.’ This has actually a definition in cooking and a definition outside of cooking. What is the an interpretation of reduced in when supplied in cooking?

Well, that doesn’t median to cut into something v a knife. The is in reality a mixing method used to incorporate butter or shortening into dry flour. To execute this a pastry blender, or together it’s often called, a pastry cutter is supplied (also dubbed a dough cutter). A pastry blender looks sort of prefer an old fashioned sword guard except sharp. That is a rounded loop of steel that off into knives or heavy wires on one side, and also a manage on the other.

Spring Chef heavy Duty Pastry Cutter

To reduced in butter, the flour is put right into a medium or big bowl and also the butter is cut into little pieces and also tossed in addition to the flour. Then a pastry blender is offered to press down ~ above the butter pieces and also into the flour, over and also over, till the butter gets cut into finer and also finer pea-like and also then bread-crump choose pieces i beg your pardon all become coated v flour. For this to work properly the butter have to be cold and firm. After every the butter has become small crumbs and also is thoroughly blended with the flour, it can be created into a dough. Sometimes, follow to the recipe, liquid ingredients are added. As soon as making pie crust, ice water is added. As soon as making biscuits, milk or buttermilk is added.

When the result dough is cooked, the tiny pieces that fat are still solid, surrounding by flour. As soon as they warmth then melt this outcomes in flaky layers. If the butter was allowed to soften and also was combined in completely a denser and also tougher baked product would result.

Note that this post is intended to serve as an explanation that the hatchet ‘cut in’ or ‘cutting in.’ that is no a recipe because that pie dough. I am not a pie make champion. I do try, though. You have the right to learn an ext by the town hall the video clip below.

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By the way, if you to be wondering once used external of cooking, ‘to reduced in’ way to change someone together a dance partner or come insert yourself into a line of waiting human being instead of going come the finish of the line.