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Learn just how to do bath bombs through our easy-to-follow bathtub bomb recipe and also step-by-step tutorial! DIY bathtub bombs room a ton of funny to make and are a wonderful homemade gift idea!

DIY Homemade bathtub Bombs

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Have you been wanting to learn just how to make bath bombs, but feel overwhelmed by every one of the various recipes and information out there? We’ve got you covered! now we’re share our most favorite bath bomb recipe along with every one of the information, tips, and tricks to ensure that your bath bombs will be effective from the start!


What is a bathtub Bomb?

A bathtub bomb is an effervescent explosion of vivid fun in her bathtub! offered to add color, foam, fizz, and also bubbles to your bath time experience, countless bath bombs likewise contain oils and butters that moisturize and also nourish the skin. Necessary oils, salts, and also clays may additionally be included to the bathtub bombs to boost the detoxifying properties and include health benefits. It’s like producing a luxurious spa experience in your very own home!

How to make Bath Bombs


Bath Bomb Ingredients:

Knowing the function that each ingredient theatre in her bath bomb cooking recipes is necessary if you desire to it is in successful. Bath bombs have the right to be a little finicky to make sometimes, yet with a small knowledge, you’ll know specifically how come tweak her recipe come suit your climate and also environment because that foolproof bath bombs every time!

The most an easy bath bombs can be made by merely combining baking soda, citric acid, and a binder; however, we’ve found that the ideal bath bombs incorporate a couple of more ingredients. This list right here will help you understand which ingredients room irreplaceable and which ones deserve to be omitted if desired.

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Not all of these ingredients are provided in our ideal Bath Bomb cooking recipes below, but for your own future cooking recipes creation, these room all necessary to know!


Sodium bicarbonate, an ext commonly well-known as baking soda, is the key ingredient in bath bombs. Scientifically well-known as a “weak base” i beg your pardon will an outcome in a fizzing acid-base chemistry reaction when linked with citric acid. Baking soda soft the bath water and leaves her skin emotion smooth and soft.


Citric mountain is the second an essential ingredient in bathtub bombs. That is a naturally arising “weak acid” acquired from citrus fruit which promotes the fizzing reaction when merged with baking soda.


Cornstarch is a renowned filler ingredient the is regularly used in bath bombs as a thickening and hardening agent. Too much cornstarch deserve to reduce the fizzing action, though, therefore don’t obtain too heavy-handed!


Cream the tartar and clays are also used to harden bath bombs.


SLSA is a naturally-derived (from coconut and palm oil) surfactant the creates thick and also luxurious foamy bubbles throughout the fizzing process.


Salts are included in bath bomb recipes for your purported wellness benefits. Epsom salt, reported to soothe sore muscles and also increase well-being, is the most generally used salt, butsea salt and pink Himalayan salt are likewise frequently used as result of their deemed detoxifying properties.

Note: Salts attract water and also can occasionally start the fizzing reaction prematurely, therefore they need to be contained in minimal come moderate quantities only. Grind coarse salt to a fine flour will create the finest results and smoothest complete on her bath bombs.


Oils are provided to include moisture to the bathtub bomb recipe and to bind the mixture together. Every oils have moisturizing properties that hydrate and soften skin, and different arrays of oil likewise lend various added benefits. The most well-known oils to use in bathtub bombs space sweet almond, avocado, coconut, grapeseed, and also jojoba. Caution: bath bombs that contain oils might make your bath tub slippery!


Butters include moisturizing nature to her bath bombs to make skin extra smooth and also silky, and also some butters might even aid harden bath bombs as well. Typically used butters include avocado, cocoa, coffee, mango, and shea. Caution: bath bombs the contain butters may make your bath tub slippery!


Essential oils room naturally derived oils that can include both fragrance and reported health and wellness benefits to your bath bombs. Fragrance oil are normally synthetically created, cost far much less than crucial oils, and are available in an HUGE selection of odor options.


I favor to usage cosmetic micas to color my bathtub bombs (Mad Micas carries some super great bright colors!), yet other colorant alternatives include FDA-approved lakes and dyes i m sorry must an initial be “bloomed” right into the baking soda before beginning her recipe. I execute NOT recommend making use of food coloring in her bath bombs together it have the right to stain skin and the bathtub.


If you carry out opt to encompass colorants, especially micas, adding a little of Polysorbate 80 come the recipe will aid the shade disperse much more evenly throughout the water and prevent it from leaving a ring around the bathtub.


Witch hazel is the most generally used liquid binder for bath bombs, however you can also use a mixture of water and also isopropyl alcohol if you choose (note: using alcohol together a binder may an outcome in drier and much more crumbly bath bombs depending upon your climate). A scant lot is provided to bring the mixture to the proper consistency and assist bind the ingredient together.


Step-by-Step DIY bath Bomb Tutorial

Let’s learn just how to make bath bombs! This easy-to-follow recipe and also tutorial will have you creating professional-looking bathtub bombs in no time!

Start by making use of a huge mesh strainer to sift the baking soda into a huge bowl and also use a spoon to break up any kind of clumps. Sift the citric acid into a second smaller key and collection aside for later.

Add the continuing to be dry ingredients (minus the citric acid) to the baking soda bowl and mix well.

I like to use my mixer to aid make sure that every one of the ingredients room thoroughly incorporated, but a an excellent old fashioned spoon functions just also (it simply takes a small longer!).

In a little container, mix together every one of the liquid ingredients. Stirring constantly, slowly include the wet ingredients right into the dry ingredients and mix until totally combined. Stir quickly to ensure the the fizzy mixture doesn’t start to activate once you present the liquids!

easy spritz the mixture with 2-3 fast sprays of witch hazel (or a mixture the water + isopropil alcohol) and also mix well.

check to watch if the mixture is a moldable consistency – it must feel just an extremely slightly damp and also kind of prefer kinetic sand.

If the mixture holds with each other after being squeezed and also then easy dropped ago into the bowl, the is prepared to mold. If the mixture is also dry, spritz with 1-2 an ext sprays the witch hazel, stir, and also repeat as vital until the mixture will the proper consistency.

Lightly fill the bathtub bomb mixture into both halves of the mold and also generously overfill each side of the mold.

Press the halves steady together and gently brush away any excess.

When unmolding round bath bombs, remove fifty percent of the mold in ~ a time and allow the bottom fifty percent of the bathtub bomb to rest in the other half of the mold if the top half of the bath bomb dries. This action ensures the the bottoms of your bath bombs remain rounded and also don’t flatten out.

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Flip the mold come the opposite next of the bath bomb after an hour and also then unmold completely after 2 hours. Enable to dry fully for 24–48 hours.

Note: I prefer to dry my DIY bath bombs on egg crate foam to aid keep their rounded shape and also to enable air to circulate freely around the bathtub bomb to assist it completely dry. This picture shows halfway unmolded bath bombs, but I likewise use the egg crate because that drying when they have been totally unmolded!

Once you’ve master making a single-colored batch of bathtub bombs, make numerous batches and experiment with different color and fragrance combinations! The possibilities are truly endless!