When supplied as a noun, words ‘roost" refers to the ar where bird rest. It could be noþeles — the branch of a tree, a henhouse, etc. When a bird roosts somewhere, the rests there. This rather old saying, ‘chickens have come residence to roost", is normally used to average that the negative things that someone has done in the past have come back to bite or haunt the individual. In other words, you are telling someone the he has to face the after-effects of the deeds excellent in the past — despite he may have actually committed lock a lengthy time ago.

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*Ganesh is going out of his means to hurt people"s feelings. That doesn"t realise that the chickens will come home to roost someday.

*The Minister was sent to jail 30 years after committing the crime. The chickens lastly came home to roost, i guess.

The original kind of this 700 year-old expression was ‘curses are prefer chickens; they constantly come home to roost". The negative deeds that one might commit in one"s life time are being compared with chickens. Hens and also chickens in ranches usually potter about all day trying to find food. When the sun is around to set, they go back to the safety of your henhouse come rest/roost. Geoffrey Chaucer is believed to have used this expression in his Canterbury Tales.

What is the difference between ‘step sister" and ‘half sister"?

(Sam Maria, Bangalore)

When Cinderella"s dad married the 2nd time, he married a woman that was already the mother of 2 children. This girls, that were come harrass Cinderella later on, were she step-sisters. The term says that the heroine and the two girls didn"t have a parent in common. The biological father and also mother in both situations were different. In the past, monarchs used come marry number of women and also have children with each one of them. In together cases, the kids were half brothers and fifty percent sisters. Every one of them had actually a parental in typical —they had actually a common father.

What is the an interpretation of ‘quid pro quo"?

(P.N. Krishnamoorthy, Madurai)

This Latin expression literally way ‘something because that something". In English, it is greatly used to average to provide something to who in return or exchange because that something else. Other frequently used expressions that have a similar definition are, ‘you scrape my earlier and I"ll scrape yours", ‘tit because that tat", etc.

*The government denied that there was any type of quid pro quo involved in their decision.

‘Quid" rhymes v ‘mid" and also ‘kid" and also the ‘o" in ‘pro" and also ‘quo" sounds favor the ‘o" in ‘go" and ‘so".

What is the difference between ‘New York minute" and also ‘Facebook minute"?

(G. Shalini, Udaipur)

A ‘New York minute" is a an extremely short duration of time; it is actually much less than a minute. The relatively new expression ‘Facebook minute" way the exact opposite. That is offered to refer to a relatively prolonged period that time. Very often civilization say lock will inspect their messages on Facebook and get earlier to girlfriend in a minute. When they log in, they forget about their promise, and also stay digital for a long duration of time.

*Vivek offered me a new York minute to answer the question.

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*Sandhya got ago to him in a facebook minute. By then, all tickets had been offered out.