It"s weird, I"ve owned ATVs for about six years now, and also still haven"t to be able to discover out what ATC stand for. I"ve always known ATV stood because that "All Terrain Vehicle", but what walk ATC stand for?Mike

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It"s weird, I"ve own ATVs for around six year now, and still haven"t been able to uncover out what ATC was standing for. I"ve constantly known ATV stood because that "All Terrain Vehicle", but what go ATC stand for?Mike
Its all Honda,they own it
"Officially introduced to America in 1970, the united state 90 sent its 7 horsepower v a dual-range four-speed gearbox with automatic clutch, and sold for $595. It to be renamed the ATC90 later that year together Honda trademarked the ATC name."Aussie
yep its pretty much a givin, atv is simply a knock off of ATC v a subsitution of automobile for cycle but yes ATC way all terrain cycle, which ns still think 4wheelers are much more cycles then vehicals buts that me.
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Trademarks critical 10 years with 10 year renewals. After ~ the first 5 years, girlfriend must paper an "affidavit that use" and pay an additional fee to store the it is registered alive. If you miss out on the renewal, friend have second 6 months to renew and also pay an additional penalty.Since Honda does not manufacture ATC"s and also does not sector them, then the "ATC" trademark is in the general public domain.
Ya i heard that that"s why every one of the "other" Rag"s are dubbed "ATV"s" since of the Honda ATC Patent And additionally they had actually a Engine Displacement Patent.....the beforehand Yami"s and also other bike Motor"s whereby allmost under the chair .. When the Patent date ran out the "TRI-Z"and the "T-3" come out with the engine in the Right location !!!
I also think it is why the manufactures continue to usage there names because that other commodities so they dont lose them..Like honda"s oddesey now they use it for there mini vans...Like yamaha"s warrior now they usage it because that there snowmobiles...and there"s numerous proceeds the LThonda proceeds the Ryamaha continues the Z
Kind of true however R, LT and Z space not registered patents or trademarks through their respect companies. Various other knock-off brand providers have also used those sufix-prefix for their models. And as because that the motor location, that had actually nothing to execute with patents. Those carriers tried to lug the center of gravity and balance to a much more neutral position so a rider had a better chance for control.
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