discovering the wonder in the world approximately us is part of the happiness we discover in consistent walks through our family members in nature. Finding an empty bird swarm or enjoying the colors in the emerging spring blossoms deserve to be exciting and also can revolve a walk right into an adventure. Bringing simple tools prefer a hand lens can assist us take it a closer look and see covert treasures the we could normally miss on our regular walks.

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For example, daffodils, space beautiful yellow flowers the grace us in at an early stage spring. If it’s basic to admire their beauty indigenous a distance, if you take a closer look, tricks may be revealed. Utilizing a hand lens, you have the right to see a many details that you might normally miss. Once you very first find a daffodil in your lawn or garden, you might an alert the shape and also color that the flower, how tall the is and also the shape and size the the leaves. But if you choose one stem and take a closer look, what will certainly you find? How plenty of petals carry out you see? Why is over there a cup-shaped petal in the middle? What room those points in the center of the flower? 

Take a spicy knife and carefully cut the petals off so you have the right to see within the flower an ext clearly. Then, utilizing a hand lens, take it a closer look at the parts in the middle. These space a plants’ reproductive components — the stamen (male part) and also the pistil (female part) that the flower.


The pistil is the long component in the center and the stamen space the shorter parts, bordering the pistil. Deserve to you see the dusty spring pollen ~ above the stamen?

After you watch for a while, gently usage your knife and also cut away part more. This daffodil to be sliced right down the middle. 


The pistil goes all the means down and also at the bottom is the ovary. And, inside are…??? Eggs! once fertilized, these will come to be the seed for a new generation the flowers.


A closer look in ~ the stamen additionally reveals some secrets. The tip of the stamen is referred to as the anther and it is spanned in pollen. Pollen from one flower frequently will fertilize one more flower. How does it obtain from one flower come another? carry out you know?


A close-up the the pollen reveals the shape. This close-up to be taken through a portable microscope dubbed a FoldScope. Notice the shape of every grain the pollen. Do various other flowers have similar shaped grains of pollen?

There are numerous other flowers that are easy to investigate. Bigger flowers choose tulips and also roses are fairly easy come dissect and view through a hand lens, but any type of flower, insect or other object will certainly lend chin to some up-close investigation. With just a tiny hand lens and also perhaps a mini microscope, we deserve to examine the world around us and see new wonders.

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A hand lens or magnifying glass can be found at any type of science supply keep for just a couple of dollars. The FoldScope is a small, foldable microscope that deserve to purchased digital at They can be finicky to use, yet with a little practice you will see amazing things.