As most of us know, the Ghost Radar application was released for the Droid only days ago. As a 15 year veteran together an amatuer paranormal investigator (in the private sector... Hahaha), and also proud new owner the a DROID, i was excited and entrigued by the release of such an application. The DROID is well fitted with countless sensors, though i am not sure simply how solid they are, and this has actually apparently left the machine open for additional programing to where we have the right to now do guestimated sense of what the unseen might be trying to say. I am all for it! The best we deserve to do in ~ this suggest is test it the end in the ideal ways us can, and also share ours experiences through it. It"s a start. Right here are my freakish coincidenses from work one... Ns cranked increase the routine after i finished charging increase the battery as soon as I acquired home from job-related yesterday evening about 6:30PM - 6:45PM. Nothing was yes, really happening at first. Then, 3 consecutive words came v within secs of each other: Important. Strong. Pass. Silence dropped upon the GR-VOX ~ the communication. Five minutes later, three emergency vehicles come paris up our road spaced about the same timing as the three words came through. Us live in a remote, back roads area of the hills of NC. We never see something choose that uneven there to be a bad wreck or some such event. The rest of the evening showed to almost be a straight link in between my cats and GR. Examples: once I an initial went upstairs and also turned ~ above GR"s Radar, a blip come up exactly where my cat was sitting. Together I talked around what to be happening the end lout, and also it distracted my cat, the blip went away. 20-30 minute of time had passed due to the fact that the GR-VOX had printed a native on the screen. Mine cat, Roopers, came playing next to the couch, and pulled open a door ~ above the furniture next to me. Automatically as Roopers opened the door, words "DOOR" was printed on the screen. My wife had been food preparation all kinds of Turkey goodness, roasted parts, slow-cooked share on the bone, and also my poor siamese snow-shoe is a crazy one because that flesh! we never give her ppl food, for this reason we know she goes bonkers for the stuff. Anyhoo... Ns hear this ruckus under in the kitchen, like a cat banging into the wall surface and garbage can, while us were maximum floor lounging critical night, and also three words popular music up consecutively, and also quickly: BONE, WASTE, PLEASURE. My wife had actually just dumped the turkey scraps away around 20-25 minutes prior. Two other times the radar confirmed blips once my cat Roopers got excited around something in the room. Part Q/A & ETC... Anyone have actually a far better explaination of the horizontal lines the track throughout the screen, and also how to interpret what they mean? once the Radar prize in the VOX mode flashes, what precisely does that mean? The three circles the light up on the bottom left are indicators of what? Is the app claimed to run in the background once you exit? If so, shouldn"t it be tracking words? The program needs a function to conserve the native communicated, right? every time girlfriend exit, it shows up to clear the words. Let"s hear your experiences too, and aid assist the search for knowledge, evidence, and also understanding of the worlds beyond our own! This is the voice of free Arcadia -H-

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Nice create up and also info, think yes sir a couple other threads roughly here too with other peoples experiences.Thanks
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I"m sorry ns haven"t updated the documentation to complement all the current changes. Docs it seems to be ~ to autumn to the last
I"ll shot to answer your questions and also update the docs as shortly as i can. Watch Ghost Radar | Spud Pickles and Ghost Radar FAQ | Spud Pickles for updated information.The three sets of number at the top are raw data coming right into the device. Usually all the readings space distilled down to three key numbers. The 3 lines in the graph represent those 3 numbers. Once those lines/numbers change quickly it indicates a change in the energies about the device.The flashing radar symbol in Vox setting simply indicates that readings room being made and how fast the scan is. If you readjust the scan frequency the flashing radar will change to indicate the brand-new setting.The three circles the light increase on the bottom left room meant to be an indication of the initialization of the app. The takes the app 15 come 30 minute to "learn" what is typical in the area. The lights are supposed to light up as the "warm-up" period progresses. Once the application is fully warmed all three lights have to stay lit. However, a pest exists and these lights space not work correctly. Watch for a future update where these lights role correctly.The application will run in the background and continue to track if you leave the app by pushing the "Home" button. If you leaving the app by pressing the "Back" switch it will prevent the app.I have just completed an update for the iPhone version that stores settings so they carry out not acquire cleared as soon as you departure the app. I will be to update the Android variation of the app very soon to encompass this attribute as well.-Spud

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