This Minecraft tutorial explains all around skeleton equines with screenshots and also step-by-step instructions. Let"s learn about skeleton horses in Minecraft.

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Supported Platforms

Skeleton horses are easily accessible in the complying with versions the Minecraft:

PlatformSupported (Version*)
Java execution (PC/Mac)
Yes (1.6.1)
Pocket execution (PE)
Yes (0.15.0)
Xbox 360
Yes (TU19)
Xbox One
Yes (CU7)
Yes (1.12)
Yes (1.12)
Wii U
Nintendo Switch
Windows 10 Edition
Yes (0.15.0)
Education Edition
Yes (1.0)

* The version that the was included or removed, if applicable.NOTE: pocket Edition (PE), Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and also Windows 10 Edition space now called Bedrock Edition. Us will continue to show them personally for variation history.


A skeleton horse is a variant of equine in Minecraft. The complying with is a snapshot of what a skeleton steed looks like in the game:


Hostility LevelHealth PointsWhere to FindWeaponAttack MethodDropsExperience PointsSpecial Skills
Passive Mob
53 wellness points x 26.5
Occurs as soon as a continuous horse is win by lightning
Will never attack you
0-2 skeletal 1 Saddle (if equipped)
1-3 experience points
Can it is in ridden

Hostility Level (Passive)

A skeleton equine is a passive mob. The ax mob is short for mobile and is offered to refer to all living, relocating creatures in the video game such as chickens, creepers, and also skeleton horses. Since a skeleton steed is a passive mob, it will never strike you in the game (Creative or survive mode).

Health Points

In Minecraft, a skeleton horse has 26.5 for health. This provides a skeleton horse 53 health and wellness points (because 1 heart = 2 wellness points). To kill a skeleton horse, you need to inflict 53 point out of damage.

Where to uncover Skeleton Horses

In Minecraft, skeleton horses take place in the game when a regular horse is to win by lightning. If girlfriend are having actually trouble finding a skeleton horse, you deserve to summon a skeleton equine using a cheat or you have the right to use a generate egg.


A skeleton horse does not bring a weapon.

Attack Method

You room safe come walk close to a skeleton horse and also it will certainly not assault or reason you any kind of damage. And also if you strike a skeleton horse, it will certainly just shot to run away. It will certainly not strike you back.


When you death a skeleton steed in Minecraft, it will drop bones.

If the skeleton equine was put on a saddle, it would additionally have been dropped as soon as the skeleton horse was killed.

Make certain you choose up any dropped items prior to they disappear. They are useful and also should be kept in her inventory to be used later.

Experience Points

As friend play the game, girlfriend will get experience. The most common way to obtain experience is by killing mobs. When a crowd is killed you will see tiny green and yellow balls appear and move towards you.

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These orbs represent experience points. As soon as you kill a skeleton horse, you will acquire 1-3 experience points.

Foods to feed a Skeleton Horse

In Minecraft, you have the right to not feed a skeleton horse!

But if you have to restore the health and wellness for a skeleton horse, you deserve to use things that has an Instant damages effect together as: