Have you ever before wondered why several of our optimal brands to be designed in color “Green”? Well here are the reasons why environment-friendly is popular among brand designer.

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Green symbolizes Nature.Green represents Growth.Green soothes emotion that viewerGreen relaxes the emphasize eyesGreen represents trust, prosperity and also balance

What else perform you have to use it, green is perfect for brands with great vision. Below are the perform of peak brand draft using eco-friendly as their key color. Therefore why not making use of it in your following brand design.


15 free Vector environment-friendly Logs For begin Ups





Tic Tac








Animal Planet










Green Lantern


John Deere




Land Rover






Sony Ericsson








Hi Guys, ns am Nag founder of this blog. Making is mine profession and also TDL is much more than just a passion. Ns spend many of mine time flipping through great design and share them with you.

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We, at The design Love, know that you love your company, you bite it favor your child. We understand that friend aspire come take her start-up to new heights, that you want to change the game. We additionally understand that to achieve this, you need to interact your brand well. And your company"s logo needs to play a pivotal duty in that. That"s what we"re every about.

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