No one deserve to pull turn off a red polka-dotted bow quite choose Minnie Mouse. Because that generations that children and also adults, her bow to represent true friendship—someone one-of-a-kind who has actually touched so many lives, including mine. Since her breakout function in 1928’s Steamboat Willie, Minnie has reached she fans v movie theaters, television and now v social media. At Disney Consumer commodities (DCP), we proceed to memory Minnie mouse through countless collections, fashion and also products.

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“Minnie is the top lady that Disney,” Stephen Teglas, angry president, Licensing, Media and also Classics, DCP, says. “And she stands for style, however she likewise stands for simply being you.” This really idea ignited a movement here at DCP. In the critical decade, we have commemorated Minnie’s standard yet modern style. She has come to be an symbol in her very own right.

One that the an initial solo Minnie product present in the marketplace was v Forever 21 three years ago—a undertaking that was wildly successful. From that point, Minnie has been ~ above the move. “Fast forward 3 years, we’ve done countless collaborations with other designers globally,” Stephen explains. “This isn’t something that’s simply working in the joined States. It’s functioning absolutely everywhere.”

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And once he says everywhere, he means everywhere. Minnie has become part of the fashion conversation on Twitter and also other social media sites, wherein #MinnieStyle is continually trending together users add their Minnie-themed observations and also ensembles. Our style icon has likewise graced the worldwide runways from brand-new York City and London to Mumbai, and has been the impetus for number of acclaimed fashion magazines—LOVE andVogue, to name just a few. She’s likewise worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry: Gucci, Prada, louis Vuitton, Dior and also Marc Jacobs. But, throughout all of her travels and also starring roles, one thing is certain—Minnie will always be Minnie.

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“She’s for this reason relatable at any type of age,” Stephen continues. “If i asked you how old Minnie was, you’re probably going to tell me everything your age is. If ns asked a small nine-year-old Italian girl how old she was, the answer would be nine and also that Minnie is Italian.”


Up next is our participation with premier mega-shopping website HauteLook, a division of Nordstrom. There will be a Minnie-themed capsule collection launching just in time because that the holidays ~ above Wednesday, October 30, featuring apparel, accessories, stationery and also more. The repertoire will incorporate Minnie-inspired Harvey bags; vivid watches; fashionable sweaters, hoodies, tees and also skirts; comfy and also cozy sleepwear; and a little of residence décor. Products included in the flash sale space expected to offer out quickly, but don’t worry! brand-new Minnie lifestyle assets are also obtainable at national retailers and specialty stores.