Pastels aren"t simply for nurseries anymore. Today, they"re perfect for every room in the house, from living rooms to kitchens. Flour blue, a fresh take on baby blue, bag well with all your favorite hues the the season. Take it a look!

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Powder blue is given a fresh upgrade when mixed with shadow green and rose pink. Mix in various metallic accents because that even much more depth and also texture. No sure just how to work-related this soft hue right into your home? take it a look at just how it can work in every space.

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This tiny living room was enhanced by covering the walls, trim and ceiling in assorted shades of flour blue tones.
With that is black-and-white stripes, the nightstand steals the scene in this soft, powder-blue bedroom. This modern piece proves that powder blue can provide the perfect backdrop to virtually any type of color combo.

Powder-blue walls provide a soft backdrop in this transitional dining room. A vintage Sputnik glass chandelier hangs over the dining table through a mix of bench seating, straightforward orange chairs and also neutral slipcovered armchairs.

Powder blue, brown and also gray wash over this relaxed bedroom, developing a fresh, clean and neutral palette. To include dimension, the developers layered in various fabrics top top the bed and window treatments.

By layering indigo and powder blue, a distinct mix of patterns and classic style, this guest bedroom put a cool, casual turn on Americana.

David Hockney"s 1978 artwork "Swimming Pool through Reflection" motivated this California-cool bathroom. Watery-blue glass mosaic brick spills down the shower wall and out onto the concrete-gray brick floor, appearing to puddle. The tradition back-painted glass vanity floats top top the powder-blue walls and is anchored through a chrome faucet, including a contemporary sophistication to this fun space.
Graphic, powder-blue background is framed in silver for a glamorous backdrop to this seating area. A tradition round settee with mother-of-pearl buttons add to elegance, while a large botanical publish adds a modern feminine touch.
A basic palette of flour blue and also white v small, romantic details choose the herringbone throw and vase the white roses provides this understand bedroom feeling relaxing and also inviting.
A transom window draws the eye up towards the vaulted ceiling detail in this luxurious master bathroom. Marble tiling is provided on both the floor and backsplash because that a cohesive look, and soft blue tones evoke the see of the ocean and also sky outside.
Soothing powder-blue walls and also a soft sheepskin rug produce a calm an are for a new baby. Graphics blue-and-white warehouse bins ~ above the floor room an attractive and also handy location to stash toys, diapers and books.
A soaking bathtub adds a modern-day touch to this powder-blue head bathroom. Plaid curtains, an antique timber stool and a painted lantern-style pendant light bring a homier feeling to the space.

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Powder blue and also fire-engine red create a show-stopping color palette in this spacious eclectic understand bathroom. Elegant patterns and textures develop a luxurious feel topped off through a relaxing, spa-style bathtub.