The adhering to four points will certainly highlight the four major factors influence opening and also closing that stomata.

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The four determinants affecting opening and also closing of stomata are: (1) irradiate (2) Water content of Epidermal cell (3) Temperature and also (4) Mineral Elements.

The previously mentioned details pertain to the mechanism of opening and closing of photoactive stomata (i.e., stomata that open during day time), however in some plants (e.g., succulent plants favor Opuntia) stomata open throughout night {i.e., when light is absent). Together stomata are dubbed scotoactive stomata. According to Nishida (1963), in these plants over there is incomplete oxidation of carbohydrates bring about the accumulation of malic acid without relax of CO2.


According come Pallas (1969) and Ehrler (1972) when there is deficiency that O2 it leader to the formation of organic mountain which result in input of K+ ions (rest that the reactions are favor those in photoactive stomata).

Factors affect opening and also closing the stomata:

1. Light:

Among exterior factors, irradiate plays predominant function in the movement of guard cells. Blue and also red light are reliable in both photosynthesis and also stomatal opening. However, blue irradiate is found to be much more effective (relative to red light) in bring about stomatal opening 보다 in photosynthesis.

At low light levels, blue irradiate may cause stomatal opening when red light has no effect at all. Blue light causes movement of K+. The is now thought that blue light promotes the malfunction of starch into the PEP molecules that deserve to accept CO2 developing malic acid.

2. Water contents of Epidermal Cells:


The movement of guard cell is turgor phenomenon and also guard cell derive water from the adjoining epidermal cells and also hence water content of the last is bound to effect this phenomenon.

3. Temperature:

Increase in the temperature causes stomata come open. Temperature has far-reaching effect ~ above the permeability the the wall surface of the guard cells and therefore greatly affect the osmotic phenomenon i m sorry is responsible because that the activity of this cells.

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4. Mineral Elements:

Deficiency of particular mineral elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and also potassium has actually some result on the opening and also closing that stomata (Desai, 1937).