I had actually to brush tobacco ashes off of my device before utilizing the slots and remove full ashtrays... Read much more

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It"s because that my stepdaughters 18th bday. As long as she"s having fun. It"s to be a cool getaway. 2 hrs native the house.

Have been there 7 time within previous two weeks every time went had actually a budget of 2500 dollars for each visit. In all seven times have won a full of 543.00 in miscellaneous denominations that machines. Several times winner 15 free spins betting 7.50 and won for sure nothing. Gained the bonus ring on 10 dissension machines and also got no one penny. I complained to among the floor managers and their an answer was " well you don"t fifty percent to play". Ns am no expert however I know that for a slot to behave this means they have actually been collection to pay the shortest amount feasible legally ? my advice come anyone traveling and thinking of staying at this casino and also playing the slot is to simply keep on walking to whereby you can get a an excellent meal for half the cost and actually get what you order and also get a pretty room because that a lot of cheaper price. As much as purchasing fuel in ~ the travel plaza i beg your pardon is component of the very same casino be certain to lock your doors and also pay no fist to the deals being performed in the parking lot till so referred to as security rides v on their bicycle and they scatter like cockroaches once you revolve the light on. It"s difficult to think that together a place can exist and remain in business, for this reason if you want to relax and enjoy your road trip please take my advice and don"t patronize this kind of service if for no various other reason think of the safety and security of your family and also friends. For this reason you have actually three options go in the casino and be plunder or visit the adjoining casino & tobacco store and get plunder in parking lot of or simply keep on going and wave to them as you pass.

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cynthia s, Guest relationships Manager in ~ Choctaw Casino, responded to this reviewResponded July 1, 2016

Hello 777pirate, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I"m i m really sorry you have not struggle a jackpot on her visits at our casino . Hopefully, Lady Luck will certainly be on her side and you will hit the large one in the future. We have our buffet transaction for $6.99 v a players club card, as well as $5 meal deals in ~ Trophy"s everyday. We take security an extremely seriously and also if any guest ever witnesses anything suspicious we encourage every to alert any type of staff member, and we room happy to help where needed. Ns am sorry that you feel this means about ours property, however we hope you have actually a an excellent week and thanks again for her feedback. Thank you, Cynthia Guest business Coordinator

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