It’s a usual myth the Chow Chows are the only dogs through black tongues, and also that any type of dog with a black color tongue or black-spotted tongue should be component Chow. In reality, dozens of dogs have actually something other than pink tongues.

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Here are 37 non-Chow Chow dog breeds v black tongues and also an explanation of where the black color may have actually come from.


BreedOriginsAustralian cattle DogAustralia; uncertain ancestryAustralian ShepherdAmerica; family tree may originate from north Asia and also the Bering floor BridgeBelgian SheepdogBelgium; comparable to other northern European shepherdsBelgian TervurenPart of the Belgian Sheepdog line Belgian MalinoisPart of the Belgian Sheepdog lineBichon FriseSpain and the Mediterranean; descended from spaniels and also PoodlesBouvier de FlandresFlanders; bred through monks from imported hounds and also local dogsBull MastiffEngland; component of Mastiff family for guardingCairn TerrierScotland; component of Terrier familyChinese Shar-PeiDescended indigenous Chow ChowsCollieEngland and also Scotland; uncertain ancestryCocker SpanielUncertain ancestry, may have originally come from game dogs in SpainDalmatianCroatia; uncertain ancestryDoberman PinscherGermany; descended from several breeds that this regionEnglish SetterEngland; lower from spaniel-type breedsEurasierPart that the Spitz familyFila BrasileiroBrazil; lower from MastiffsFlat-Coated RetrieverEngland; uncertain ancestryGerman ShepherdGermany; descended from regional sheep dogsGolden RetrieverScotland; descended from retrievers and also spanielsGordon SetterUnited Kingdom; lower from setters, pointers, and spanielsGreat PyreneesFrance and also Spain; descended from big European security dogsIrish SetterIreland; part of the Setter team of dogsKai KenJapan; part of the Spitz familyKeeshondGermany; part of the Spitz familyKorean JindoKorea; part of the Spitz familyLabrador RetrieverCanada; lower from the spaniel-type St. John’s Water DogMountain CurEurope; uncertain ancestryNewfoundlandNewfoundland, Canada; similar to Mastiff and an excellent Pyrenees breedsPomeranianPomerania (eastern Germany/Northern Poland); part of the Spitz familyPugChina; unsure ancestryRhodesian RidgebackAfrica; cross between native afri dogs and also breeds brought by europe settlersRottweilerEurope; may have actually been bred in the Roman realm as one of the oldest herding breedsShiba InuJapan; part of the Spitz familySiberian HuskySiberia; component of the Spitz familyTibetan MastiffTibet; component of the Mastiff familyThai RidgebackThailand; unsure ancestry

How walk this happen?

It comes down to genetics. Chow Chows are part of the Spitz family members of dogs, which contains many each other of Arctic and also East asian ancestry. Chow Chows are likewise one that the earliest breeds that dog well-known to man. This means that countless of the breeds we understand today space descended from the ancient Chow. Together a result, numerous breeds have black tongues commonly associated with Chows.

As you went through these breeds, you may have actually noticed many of castle come native the same areas and/or space descended from the same type of dogs. A few trends was standing out:

• Members of the Spitz family, as meant by their connection to Chow Chows • Setter, pointer, and also spaniel kind ancestors • dog originating indigenous what us now understand as the unified Kingdom and Germany • Mastiff kind dogs from various parts the the globe

Much favor tails curved over the back (Spitzes), inclination because that the water (setters/pointers/spaniels), and also size (Mastiffs), a black color tongue is just a physics trait the is passed along the generations through genetics.

The next time someone tells you her dog's black color spotted tongue must average he's part Chow Chow, you have the right to tell them that sure, he can be. Yet he could likewise be related to dozens of various other dogs v black tongues.

If you want to uncover out simply what each other or breeds your dog is, check out the DNA test for dogs. That compares your dog's gene to end 185 breeds.

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