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What pertains to your mind when you imagine Greece? ns guess it would be the white houses and the azure blue sea. The perfect mix for a beautiful traveling destination. Have actually you imagined what’s the genuine reason behind those white houses and blue domes and also windows? The secret and the shades which made greece a significant tourist attraction. Some believe it’s basically due to the fact that of the Greek flag or the blue angry eye however that’s no true.

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The real reason behind white and blue greece houses

First and also foremost, it’s vital to know that the whitewashed and also blue colored residences are a trademark that Cyclades. The Cyclades space a team of around 220 Greek archipelago with few of the most well-known being Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Crete, and Naxos.

The an enig of white color

The structures in greek are consisted of of stone, mud, and volcanic materials that have a darker color and are particularly hot. Throughout hot summer days, it was very daunting to be within the buildings, since dark colors took in the sunlight, do them exceptionally hot.

This to be the time when they decided to paint the houses white. However, castle didn’t usage white paint. Instead, they offered whitewash i beg your pardon was easy to make and an extremely cheap. You deserve to make it by mix lime (white dust), salt, and water in details proportions.

As white color is a reflector of heat it renders an setting cool and comfortable to live in. This way, it preserves the freshness and also coolness within the Greek houses throughout hot summer days.

Another factor was the there was a Cholera disease outbreak in greece in 1938. This happened throughout Ioannis Metaxas’s dictatorship. Because of the disease, the ordered to repaint all the structures with tower in stimulate to stop the spread out of the disease.

The limestone in whitewash has actually antibacterial properties. The was concerned as among the most powerful disinfectants.

The secret behind the blue color

The blue source from a cleaning agent dubbed Loulaki (blue powder). It is a type of talcum powder. This blue powder was found throughout every residence in Greece.

The mixture of Loulaki powder with lime produce the shining blue color that we check out today. This blue shade was easily easily accessible at every home and was an extremely inexpensive. Civilization could easily afford it and this is why castle painted their homes blue.



Photo by Pixabay from PexelsThe time once they passed a regulation to paint all dwellings with white and blue

There was a transition period when residences in Greece were painted through a variety of organic colors. This was once Metaxas died.

However, in 1967 throughout the army dictatorship, it became mandatory to repaint all-island homes white and also blue. This was as soon as blue and also white colors came to be permanent in Greece.

This stimulate came about because the government thought that these two colors were a symbol of patriotism, unification, and also would support the country’s politics agenda.

Over time, this colors acquired a lot of popularity and also attracted civilization tourism. People became fascinated by Greek houses, beaches, and also beauty. This way, greece became crucial spot for tourists.

Taking all these things right into account, the federal government made a regulation in 1974 which stated that all homes in Greece have to be painted in white and also blue shades.

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This is the factor why Greek dwellings are marked with these 2 colors, The very same colors that now attract millions of human being to visit greek every year, wishing to gain the beautiful scenery.