Bearpaw and Ugg cold-weather boots are recognized for your comfort and also warmth. Although no cheap, Bearpaw boots are easily accessible in discount and also low-end stores, if Uggs are largely only easily accessible in deluxe stores that are more expensive and also brand conscious.

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Bearpaw Boots matches Ugg Boots comparison chart
Bearpaw BootsUgg BootsIntroduction Styles Materials Appearance Colors Durability Feel Sole Socks Customer evaluate Retail shop Founded

Bearpaw is a brand the footwear established by Tom Romeo in 2001. Bearpaw commodities are do from sheepskin, ideal known for developing ugg boots, as well as slippers and casual footwear for men, women, and also children. Ugg boots are known in Australia and brand-new Zealand as a unisex style of sheepskin boot. It is typically made that twin-faced sheepskin with fleece top top the inside, a tanned outer surface and also a synthetic sole.
Traditional slip-on, Slippers, High heels, modern-day styles favor motorcycle, rider, Moccasins, Sandals. Traditional, slip-on, Slippers, High heels, modern-day styles choose motorcycle, rider, Moccasins, Oxfords, eye boots.
Sheepskin lining, Suede cow leather outer. Twin-faced sheepskin, Kangaroo fur, various other leather.
Visible stitching, hold upright shape Smooth stitching, slouched shape
Dark brown, tan, white, beige, black, pink, blue, green. Tan is standard Outers come in a wide range of colors.
1.5 - 2.5 year with consistent wear. 2- 2.5 years with consistent wear.
Soft Very soft, lightweight.
Rubber Rubberized foam
Not necessary Not necessary
Heavier – rubber sole, sturdy sole, sheepskin top doesn"t last as long, so not have extra layer of fleece inside – much less comfortable. Lighter – foam sole, heel wears quickly, sheepskin upper lasts longer, warmer, extra class of fleece makes them an ext comfortable, wearing v socks compacts the fleece.
TJ Maxx, Marshalls, famous Footwear, Macy"s, The Summit (flagship store) Nordstrom, Journeys, Dick"s Sporting Goods, REI, Ugg Australia (product store)
2001 1978


Bearpaw boots, an initial made in 2001, are sold in discount stores comparable to TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls; in department stores, choose Macy"s and J.C. Penny"s; and in shoes stores, like renowned Footwear and their flagship store in California, The Summit. Bearpaw boots retail for $60 to $180.

Ugg boots, made in 1978, are sold in department shop such as Nordstrom and also Journey"s, sporting products stores like REI and Ugg product stores. Uggs sleeve for $65 to $200.

The price for both Bearpaw and Uggs depends on the styling. The standard pull-on boots is the cheapest version for both lines. Fashionable shoes or those made with exotic leather expense more. Bearpaw boots last between 1.5 and 2.5 year with consistent wearing, whereas Uggs last between 2 and 2.5 years.

Shoe Styles

Both Bearpaw and Uggs are known for the usage of sheepskin. However, Bearpaw normally uses a suede cow leather external with a sheepskin lining. The classic style pull-on Bearpaws come in dark brown, tan, white, beige, black, pink, blue and green. In addition to the pull-on shoes, Bearpaw provides slippers, high heels, moccasins, sandals and contemporary styled boots such together motorcycle and rider boots. External boots, Bearpaw also makes socks, scarves and also T-shirts.

Traditional Uggs space made of twin-faced sheepskin, an interpretation one big piece of sheepskin instead of two fused together. They likewise come in kangaroo fur and other leather. Tan is the standard color, however the pull-ons come in a wide selection of colors, also metallics and also patterns. In enhancement to the slip-on shoes, Uggs makes slippers, high heeled boots, modern-day styles such as motorcycle and rider boots, moccasins, Oxfords and also snow boots. Uggs makes purses, scarves, vests, jackets, clothing and loungewear in enhancement to boots.

Look and also Feel

Both Bearpaws and also Uggs are designed because that comfort. Both room soft inside due to the fleece lining. However, customers in general state the Uggs are "very soft." Uggs are likewise lighter weight than Bearpaws. Bearpaws have visible stitching unequal Ugg"s smooth stitching. Many reviewers think Bearpaws host their upright shape better while Uggs tend to slouch, yet both are really warm.


The traditional pull-on layouts of both Bearpaws and also Uggs space designed to it is in worn without socks. Uggs have completed cult status, an interpretation people undertake them every the time. However, both Bearpaws and Uggs are meant only for the cold weather. One of two people brand deserve to be worn with jeans or corduroy pants, either tucked in or with a bootcut to fit over the boot. Either could be worn with tights or leggings as well. The video clip below talks about 5 means to undertake Ugg boots in the fall:

Customer Input

Customers regularly compare the 2 brands of boots. Both brand make styles for men, women and also children. One difference is the Bearpaw customers have tendency to be price-conscious when Uggs wearers often tend toward brand loyalty. One reviewer even declared that people constantly say they"re wearing Uggs, also when they"re actually wearing Bearpaws.

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User reviews mention that Bearpaw boots are heavier and the single sturdier. Some reviewers state that the sheepskin upper doesn"t critical as long as Uggs. Rather say Bearpaws perform not have actually an extra layer of fleece inside, make them less comfortable. However, there are number of customers who preserve that Bearpaws feel simply as comfortable together Uggs.

Uggs are said to it is in lighter. Part reviewers state the the heel wears much more quickly due to the fact that it is softer and also lighter. However, various other users to speak the single is sturdy. Uggs are warmer and also that the sheepskin upper lasts longer. Reviewers feel an extra class of fleece makes them more comfortable. One reviewer remarked that wearing Uggs v socks compacts the fleece inside.