If you were lively in the 80s, your shoe wardrobe wasn’t finish without a pair (or five) the Chucks (otherwise known as Converse every Star high tops). The didn’t matter if you to be a guy or a festival – this details 80s fashion trend crossed the gender obstacle (and the age obstacle too).

History the the Converse all Star

The 80s can’t claim the Chucks fashion tendency as its own. The Converse all Star High Tops have actually been roughly for fairly a while. The Converse shoe firm has to be making them due to the fact that 1917. It wasn’t, however, till world-famous basketball player lining Taylor started wearing (and selling) the shoes in the 1920s the they really captured on. By the 1980s the shoes had end up being a fashion statement and were accessible in dozens that colors. Black, white, pink, blue, yellow, red – you name it, you could get it.

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How the 80s Wore lining Taylors

They can be worn plain as presented to the left, the course, however then this was the 80s after every so us took this classic shoe and also made it our own. The 80s interpretation of Chucks had wearing two different colors – red and, say, turquoise (a organic combination) or writing all over them. My own pair the off-white Chucks (still have them in the closet – shown below) had actually “Right” and also “Left” composed on the toes (you know, simply in instance I fried my brain with so lot Aquanet that i forgot which to be which). They go perfectly through my guess overalls, don’t ya know? I at some point got tired of the “right” and “left” labels and also inked over them. Other popular scribbling had peace symbols and anarchy symbols. My an individual favorite was to discover these two symbols co-existing. Awesome!

Though the shoes had actually started out together basketball footwear, many of those that wore castle in the 80s never even picked increase a basketball outside of gym class. That course, if girlfriend were really cool you owned a pair in every color. If you to be a full dork girlfriend bought one of the knock-off imitations the didn’t sports the coveted all Star logo on the sides. Let the taunting begin!

Chucks Still together Cool as Ever

If girlfriend didn’t obtain to sport a pair in the 80s, you’re not completely out that luck. You deserve to still redeem yourself. Yes, that’s best – the chuck Taylor every Stars room still being made and sold in stores. The low optimal version has actually seen an ext popularity in current years than it had actually in the 80s, so if you space looking to work this look right into your wardrobe today, the low top can be the method to go. In fact, you deserve to buy the classic Chucks right off the Converse website or in stores choose The Gap, however forget around paying $20 a pair favor we go in the 80s. Nowadays you’re going to it is in shelling the end $40 or more. However it’s every in the name of nostalgia (and one damn fine looking shoe), right?


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Author: Pia Sooney

Just a little obsessed v all things 80s, Pia still has actually her Swatch, her cassette ice collection, and also her Converse Chucks. When not make friendship pins or listening to Depeche Mode, she operation a web style business.

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