Liquid:Water (room temperature)BeerCiderCrude Oil (60°F or 15.6°C)Diesel (fuel)Gasoline (petrol)HoneyIce CreamJet Fuel (59°F or 15°C)MilkOlive oilOrange juicePaint (latex)Propane (liquid) (77°F or 25°C)Wine
Convert from united state gallons or UK gallons to pounds because that a range of different liquids, such together water, milk, gasoline and oil.

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How many pounds in a gallon?

The load of a gallon the liquids such as milk, gasoline, fluid propane or beer is dependent top top the density of the liquid in question. And also the density of a liquid can frequently depend ~ above the temperature at which the is gift stored. To give a an easy explanation, a gallon of water at room temperature will certainly weigh much less than a gallon of honey (because honey is a denser substance).

when making a conversion, it's essential to remember the the united state gallon is smaller sized than the royal (UK) gallon. In the US, a gallon is identical to 128 liquid ounces. But, in the UK an royal gallon is bigger at 160 liquid ounces.

with the above in mind, let's look at at part approximation conversions indigenous gallons to pounds for miscellaneous liquids.

U.S. Gallons come pounds for different liquids fluid (1 gallon) density (g/ml) weight (lb)
Water0.998 g/ml8.329 pounds
Beer1.01 g/ml8.429 pounds
Cider1.007 g/ml8.404 pounds
Crude Oil0.915 g/ml7.636 pounds
Diesel (fuel)0.85 g/ml7.094 pounds
Gasoline (petrol)0.737 g/ml6.152 pounds
Honey1.42 g/ml11.85 pounds
Ice Cream0.56 g/ml4.673 pounds
Jet Fuel0.804 g/ml6.71 pounds
Milk1.035 g/ml8.637 pounds
Olive oil0.92 g/ml7.678 pounds
Orange juice1.038 g/ml8.663 pounds
Paint1.198 g/ml9.998 pounds
Propane (liquid)0.493 g/ml4.114 pounds
Wine0.99 g/ml8.262 pounds

keep in mind that if you want to convert between gallons and also fluid ounces, you have the right to do so with our gallons come ounces converter.

How much does a gallon that milk weigh?

A united state gallon of milk weighs roughly 8.637 pounds, a quart weighs 2.16 pounds and also a pint weighs 1.08 pounds. These weights room based top top a milk thickness of 1.035 g/ml.

Weighing gallons the water

The specific weight of water varies according to its density, which subsequently depends top top its warehouse temperature. Girlfriend can uncover out much more in our write-up how lot does a gallon the water weigh?

Densities of liquids

It's vital to note that the thickness (mass per unit volume) that a liquid can vary escape upon countless factors. These include the ingredients in ~ the liquid, the processing technique and just how it is subsequently stored. Countless of the ingredient densities referenced within this converter and also page come from the FAO / INFOODS Database (version 2).

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