Do you have actually both a wandering Jew plant and a pet? have you noticed your cat’s skin being irritated?

I walk some research on this after my cat made decision he really preferred to taste my cuttings, and additionally called mine vet.

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The prize I uncovered is that it is nontoxic to cats, but may it is in mildly toxicity to dogs.

Let us talk about if a wandering Jew plant is poisonous to cat or dogs. And also what room the symptoms, causes, and also treatment of wandering jew poisoning in cat or dogs?

What is a wandering Jew plant?

Tradescantia zebrina or commonly known as a wandering Jew plant or Speedy Henry is a usual plant in most gardens. It is a species of spiderwort or much more known as inch plant.

The hike Jew plant is initially a herbaceous plant found in thick tropical rainforests and wetlands. However, due to its exotic appearance, the plant has been introduced to households as a garden plant.

The plant’s physical features include a pointed and heart-shaped leaf through a purple outline, middle strip, and also underside, a bud-like formation, and succulent stem.

It is additionally a rolling plant which method it diffusion or hangs top top vacant spaces. The hike Jew plant hails from south America and is likewise considered a regenerative and invasive to phibìc America.

It is usually put in a pot follow me the home window or any room inside a home that receives indirect sunlight. Under direct sunlight, the plant my dry out and eventually wilt.

is hike jew poisonous to cats?


If not straight contact, you have the right to transfer the sap to her home and also in revolve be contacted by your cat.

The usual things in which hike Jew sap is discovered are gloves and shears offered for pruning, old pots (if girlfriend transplanted the plant), and also old soil.

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To sum it up, the plant deserve to be mildly toxic to your plant. This walk not mean you should disregard that the wandering Jew plant can cause harm to your cat’s cradle or skin.

However, over there is no should be alert or litter the plant far from your garden since it is not extremely toxic. The impact can be quickly noticed but is not far-reaching to reason a major ailment to her pet.

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As stated earlier, that is much better to be safe than sorry. Have to your pet experience a harmful irritation or poisoning native a wandering Jew plant, permit us know so we deserve to update this article.