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Merry Christmas! Although most restaurants are closed on Christmas Day, Waffle house is one exception. It’s open nearly every work of the year, unless regional pandemic regulations call for the save to be closed.

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Waffle residence Is open up Christmas Day

A representative of Waffle house told “Our restaurants traditionally are open 24 hours a day, 365 job of the year (366 this year), consisting of all holidays. However, a couple of of our locations currently operate top top a less-than 24 hour basis due to the fact that of the pandemic’s effect on our business. We strongly encourage client to check with their local Waffle home for any kind of variations in hours.”

In other words, many Waffle house locations will certainly be open up today and also they’ll be open up for 24 hours. However, there might be some exceptions. If pandemic regulations call for that a Waffle house location it is in closed or open for much less than 24-hours, then you can not find that certain location open as soon as you walk to visit. Simply to be on the for sure side, examine with your local Waffle House before stopping by.

You can find locations here and enter your city or ZIP code on the map, or pick to permit it discover your place automatically.

Waffle residence Is supplying Its constant Menu because that Christmas

While our restaurants watch a tiny different now, we still love as soon as you walk v our doors. 🎄 Wishing friend a warm and also safe vacation season!

— Waffle home (
WaffleHouse) December 22, 2020

A representative the Waffle residence told “Waffle house will continue to market its continuous menu throughout the holidays. The menu offers reasonable pricing and also regularly, discounted meal options.”

Waffle home has much more than 2,000 areas in 25 claims in the united States.

The store has a many of an excellent options right currently that you might enjoy ~ above Christmas. There’s the 100% Angus beef bacon cheeseburger deluxe. You can acquire a two-ounce continual Angus hamburger or a quarter-pound Angus hamburger (four-ounce.)

There’s also the pecan waffle which would certainly taste good for the holiday. Waffle House likewise offers a regular standard waffle, a coco chip waffle, and a peanut butter chip waffle. Friend can select to add toppings or sides like sausage, city ham, nation ham, or bacon.Waffle residence is also offering a blueberry waffle that newly returned come the menu. It’s no clear if this is easily accessible in all locations or no at this time.

Another alternative is the All-Star Special. This includes your selection of 2 eggs or three, and grits or hashbrowns v your an option of onions, exhilaration ham, grilled tomatoes, American cheese, grilled mushrooms, sausage gravy, Bert’s chili, or jalapeno peppers. Or you deserve to opt for tomatoes rather of hashbrowns or grits. Then you can select white or wheat toast (or raisin toast, biscuit, or Texas toast), your selection of waffle v toppings, and also your choice of bacon, sausage, city or nation ham.

The Waffle house CEO Walt Ehmer freshly said the there have actually been zero coronavirus instances linked come its 2,100 locations, Fox News reported.

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Ehmer said: “We have proven, end these ripe months, we have zero proof of any spread gift traced earlier to our restaurants for our civilization or our customers. We’ve traced earlier all of our infections… and also it all traces back to something away from the restaurant.”

At one point, Waffle House had to close 700 areas temporarily during the peak.