From conception all things in heaven and also earth constantly mutual interaction, if Easterners think in Ngu Hanh concept every person being is born attached to a bow, par Kim in the five elements - Mercury - Jupiter - Mars - Turkey is in the West, that is thought that every month that the year tied come the name of a different gemstone. Accordingly, those born in the month shall be with a gem and also stones were viewed as symbols lug luck and also fruitful because that the employer. The adhering to birthstones will give us brand-new clues about choosing jewelry fads by month of birth of the West.

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January: Garnet (Garnet)

Color: brown, red, green, yellow, orange, burgundy

As rocks that vitality and energy, Garnet symbolizes trust, loyalty humans, is taken into consideration a symbol of brotherhood members-which originated every success in life. Garnet specifically radiant night so it"s choose a talisman, protecting owners from nightmares or dangers in a lengthy journey.

February: Amethyst (Amethyst)

Color: lilac, purple

In a lengthy time. Amethyst is known as a stone royal violet sweet by extremely delicate as representing strength, confidence and wisdom that man. Amethyst is also considered the perfect rock for those who space in tension because it is capable of soothing sorrow, bring harmony and also peace of mind.

March: Aquamarine (Aquamarine)

Color: blue from light to deep blue, sometimes green.

Roman sailors as soon as sailing the old job often lug talismans make from Aquamarine rock because this is the rocks deserve to resist the seduction of evil and bring tranquility to the people. Besides, Aquamarine- through the capability to improve the intelligence, restores youth to lug to job love and also happiness. This is likewise the preferred stones as presents for Valentine"s day or wedding anniversary 19 years

April: Diamond (Diamond)

Colors: white, gray, yellowish, reddish, greenish.

Diamonds forever remain a prize of eternity and also vitality liet- solid is the foundation of sustainability and prosperity. Ky diamond with time to end up being the can be fried gift of love, constantly selected because that carving ~ above wedding rings, engagement rings and also anniversary stones wedding day 10 years- 20 years.


May: Emerald (Jade)

Color: yellowish green, green.

Is one of the precious stones bearing the prize of faith, prosperity and all the best, capable of arousing Emerald intellectual, human creativity. To the Romans, they believe that Emerald also increase fertility, when reminiscent of the goddess of love Venus yeu-, so this is likewise a rock symbolizing peace and happiness in love.

June: Pearl (Pearl)

Colors: black, white, cream, gray, yellow, pink.

Pearl Oriental also be likened come rocks the the moon, a symbol of purity, tolerance, compassion, can bring the owner an excellent luck, understanding the soul and also the balance emotions. Pearl with pure beauty, beauty is also the image of a happy marriage.

July: Ruby (Ruby)

Color: pink to reddish purple.

In old Sanskrit language, Ruby called Ratnaraj- "king that gemstones". Is one of the perfect gemstone, Ruby symbolizes the sun, power, freedom, luck and happiness in life. Westerners believe that, if worn close to the heart, Ruby stones will have actually the strength to arouse vitality, emotion in people and along the way, Ruby is seen as a prize of romantic love.

August: Peridot

Color: green, blue revolve slightly come yellow, olive green.

Born indigenous volcanoes, Peridot symbolizes the strength, viability and honoring human qualities, green stones v this charming aid balance emotions and also emotional heal in the past. Legend claims the rock Peridot powerful pull us from sin, stop sadness worry, assist us be much more successful in the social relationship is the bond of marriage.


September: Sapphire

Color: blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange ...

Sapphire is just one of precious stones, is taken into consideration the price of faith, loyalty and generosity of people. Is the type of stone of destiny, Sapphire has actually the ability to rotate the desires of world come true and bring lucky in love

October: Opal (Opal)

Colors: numerous colors, specifically red create flames.

Opal has a very exotic beauty beauty by the sun"s beam falling on that can create sparkling rainbow colors. The queen the gemstones, every member Opal has a vulnerable beauty different, brilliant and iridescent colour mau.Opal symbolize hope, positive activity and achievement. Romans revered opal rock as a price of honesty and also luck.

November: Citrine

Color: yellow, orange, pink and orange.

Impressed by toxicity colors hot and brilliant yellow Dao, Citrine with sunny colour of the sunlight god pride as a prize of domination, for truth and human integrity. A certain point Citrine is also used to heal snake bites and venom of other reptiles.

December: Topaz

Color: blue, green.

Greek, Topaz method "to shine", these rocks are colorful however only blue Topaz stone of the brand-new is born in December.

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Topaza symbolizes intelligence, beauty, loyalty and true friendship the the people. Additionally, the rock has the capability to soothing feelings and bring strong, wise, arouse capability to dominate the employer.