Many recognize actor, Vin Diesel, indigenous his function as Dominic Toretto in The Fast and the Furious franchise. Despite Diesel’s been in numerous jobs over the years, his an individual life is a little much more private. The Bloodshot star has actually a fraternal pair brother who looks prefer he can be related to Diesel’s former Fast co-star, Paul Walker. That is Diesel’s brother and also what execute we know around him?

Surprise — Vin Diesel isn’t his real name


Vin Diesel arrives because that the Premiere that Sony Pictures’ ‘Bloodshot’ | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Vin Diesel is the many prominent face of The Fast and the Furious franchise. That plays fast-wheeling poor boy-turned goo, Dominic Toretto. Since 2001, Diesel has bee a component of the massive empire while also taking on duties in The Chronicles that Riddick, xXx, and also more.

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Like countless others in the industry, Diesel isn’t the surname “Vin” to be born with. Mark Sinclair Vincent — aka, Diesel — began acting in 1990 attracted renowned director, Steven Spielberg, i m sorry garnered Diesel his very first “big” function in the 1998 film, Saving personal Ryan. He just went up from there.

Perhaps the many surprising tidbit around Mark Sinclair’s upbringing is that he has actually a fraternal pair brother, Paul Vincent. So, that is he?

Who is Diesel’s twin brother?

"The 2 Pauls"Pablo and also my mother would have actually deep conversations… she claimed, that it to be no accident the this…

Posted through Vin Diesel onSaturday, in march 22, 2014

Diesel leader a really private an individual life and hasn’t discussed his twin brother, Paul Vincent, much. However, in a short article titled “The two Pauls” native March 2014 —months ~ actor and friend, Paul Walker, died in a car crash — Diesel verified his brother beside Walker, calling castle brothers.

“Pablo and my mommy would have actually deep conversations… she claimed, the it was no accident that this on-screen duo has concerned define brotherhood in our millennium,” he said in the post.

“You see… the other guy in the photo is likewise named Paul… and although castle look more alike, he is actually my pair brother.”

Aside native a few hard to discover photos, over there isn’t lot else known around the Vincent twin. We recognize he works in Hollywood, yet not come what level or if he’s married, with or there is no children. Diesel hasn’t disputed their relationship in-depth as that has about Paul Walker. The leaves some to wonder if they’re simply not the close.

Has Vincent ever appeared in ‘The Fast and also the Furious’?

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A short article shared by Vin Diesel (

It doesn’t look prefer Diesel’s pair brother has functioned on any of the fast films, yet he is credited as a sound editor for the 1995 brief film, Multi-Facial (in which Diesel wrote, directed, and also starred).

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The 2 are likewise the brothers of Samantha Vincent, who worked as a producer forRiddick,Fast & Furious 6, andFurious 7. Clearly, Hollywood talent runs in the family.