For end 15 years The Watchmaker has actually been an official business center because that Victorinox Swiss military watches. We space happy to provide both in warranty and also after vouch repairs for them. Victorinox watches are warranted for 3 year from day of purchase.

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We offer battery replacement including water-resistance testing, normally done while girlfriend wait for walk in clients. We likewise have a large inventory of instead of straps. Various other services offered include brand-new crystals, bracelet and case cleaning and polishing.

If your Swiss military watch is under warranty, we are additionally glad to help. A few important notes about warranty repairs- please make sure you buy your watch indigenous an authorized Victorinox dealer. Victorinox does no offer any warranty on city hall purchased via innocuous channels.

If her watch stops, don’t just bring it almost everywhere for a battery replacement. If your Victorinox is opened up by anyone various other than one authorized repair center the warranty is immediately voided by Victorinox (even if opened by the offering dealer). Once we job-related on her watch, you can be certain that her warranty is intact and that the repairs are being excellent by experts.

Wenger city hall are comparable in style to Victorinox (formerly Swiss Army). We room authorized to fix Wenger watches after the warranty has actually expired. Parts for Wenger watches are limited, so we encourage you to contact us before sending in a Wenger clock to make certain we can offer a repair.

When girlfriend are prepared to send her watch in, please fill the end the repair form.

To learn an ext about the repair process, please click here.

Common Victorinox business Rates:

Mail in watch battery replacement, which contains checking/replacement the gaskets, light cleaning/washing that case and band, check of water-resistance to manufacturing facility specifications, return insured shipping $60

Quartz Time/date model overhaul includes movement service, washing the case and also bracelet, replacement of gaskets, return shipping, one year vouch $150 and also up.

Quartz Chronograph models needing overhaul include movement service, washing the case and also bracelet, instead of of gaskets, return shipping, one year guarantee $240 and also up.

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These rates are not guaranteed, they are the guidelines and pricing you have the right to expect. All watches are subject to separation, personal, instance inspection and repair costs can vary.