Car subwoofers are manufactured with one of two people a single voice coil (SVC) or double voice coil (DVC). The difference is the DVC sub offers an ext wiring choices to far better match and take benefit of the amplifier. The DVC below is have the right to sometimes it is in slightlymore expensive, yet provides multiple impedance relations which may result in more power indigenous the amplifier or to far better match the obtainable amp impedance options.

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The voice coil differences have no direct effect top top the subwoofer performance, frequency response, or power rating. A double voice coil sub does not directly perform far better than the exact same sub v a solitary voice coil.


The Voice Coil

A voice coil is the coil that wire about the former (tube) attached come the apex that the speak cone. The voice coil offers the motive pressure to the cone by the reaction the a magnetic field to the present passing v it.

A single voice coil has one winding coil and also a dual voice coil has actually two different windings. Due to the fact that both coils room energized, they carry out the same as one with no distinction other 보다 wiring connection options.

Car Amplifier power Ratings

Many auto amplifiers, especially high it is provided models, room designed v unregulated power supplies. This method increases the power obtainable as the fill impedance decreases, when still offering compatibility with greater impedance combinations. The traditional impedance loads are 2 ohm and 4 ohm through some models giving 1 ohm and 8 ohm outputs. The amplifier load is the subwoofer or combine of subwoofers on any one channel.

The twin Voice Coil Advantage

Most auto amplifiers administer specified amounts of strength (wattage) at common impedance ratings measure up in ohms. The THUNDER1000.1 mono channel amplifierfor subwoofers is rated in ~ 350 watt wired come 4 ohm impedance pack (speaker combination), 600W RMS at 2 ohms impedance load, and 1000W RMS at a 1 ohm load.

A 2 ohm, solitary voice coil sub has actually a addressed 2 ohm impedance rating, for this reason would draw 600 watts from this amplifier. The same 2 ohm below with a dual voice coil would offer 1 ohm and also 4 ohm connections, depending on whether you cable the 2 voice coil terminal bag in series or in parallel. Picking the 1 ohm wiring an approach for this below would make 1000 watts easily accessible from the exact same amplifier.

Multiple Subwoofers

When wiring many subwoofers to the same amplifier channel, the ohms viewed at the amplifier counts on the collection or parallel wiring combination of the subwoofers. Again, twin voice coils offer much more multiple automobile subwoofer wiring options just as they detailed more solitary wiring combinations available to enhance the amp requirements.

Amplifier Channels

You may want to leg a 2 channel amplifier to provide greater strength to a single channel output such as a subwoofer. (This efficiently converts the two channel amp right into a mono amp) Or you may want to feed multiple subwoofers every with different channel from a mutli-channel amplifier. Twin voice coil subs certain the versatility to allow the best connection.

For a 2 subwoofer example, cable both double voice coils in series to existing 8 ohms from each sub, then cable the two 8 ohm subs in parallel to carry the total impedance gift to the amplifier come 4 ohms, a typical setup when bridging two channel amps.

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The adaptability of the dual voice coil automobile subwoofer wiring options increases the initial an option of matching amplifiers, typically maximizes the power obtainable from that amplifier and provides more options as soon as making transforms and enhancements in later on installations such as adding an amp or subwoofers.

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