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You fake cheerleadin' bitch! You desire a nigga like me come beware, ha?I'mma present you some spokes right now, girlfriend bitch youTake lock braids the end his head YellaI'mma drag him native tha flow dump his human body in Chuck's yardLeavin' a note roughly his neck readin' negative ASS YELLA BOYOooooh he wants some? Ain't the cold?YOU A HOE MYSTIKALYOU A HOE MYSTIKALSee I'm from the 3 and I don't offer a fuckAnd I recognize you thought I wouldn't be earlier but you can't save me downDon't forget about the U and also the Cash Money Clowns<1st Verse-Yella>I'm from the 3 and also I don't give a fuck, because that the recordOnce again it's Mystikal v the Chuck'sI'm ago up ~ above the scene through the 2 prefer a ViperGet in so much war i think i straighter 보다 a sniperMystikal you bitch, are you ready for the drama?Told your ho ass human being ho don't run I'll kill MamaIf I catch ya wit your draws under I'mma carry out yaOnce top top a time ns up the ruger and also gimme the cruiser
<2nd Verse-Yella>I be the jack of every trades don't make me splizit, your fuckin' headThe queen I median the King , I mean he learned numerous tradesComin' to get'cha round the pen, ready to unwrap her braidsGay blade, currently what'cha wanna do? mine nuts you deserve to chewBecause they told me you wanted to battleTold em you better scaddattleYou ain't bout no B-1 physician show, don't make me bust you upBraids that'll fly up from the roundhouse socks, the roll-oLet walk of my shirt friend ho, blood's up on my polo<3rd Verse-Yella>Stop playin' through me, avoid playin' through me bitch, avoid playin' v meI'm favor the B.G.'z I'm gat totin'By this time it's the bulldog barrel smokin'I expect they catch and also chop ya down, tear ya ass apartBradshaw to Swann, Touchdown, your brains ~ above the groundI gots the gat spell that backwardsThat's what I perform up on the ass ya bitch I'm not an actorI'm comin' dumpin' top top ya fake punk wannabeI warned ya too numerous times to watch the bloody tragedyI acquired the diamonds to the bauds, twinkle up her goldsNow spin the bin, in the turtleneck polo cuz i don't careFuck what friend sayin' around bewareI'm tired of tellin' you that I'm a cheat niggaStop playin'

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<4th Verse-Yella>I'm in the front room, in the whirlaround, the brown tableAre friend able? Capable? all of a sudden, um...I had actually to popular music em, I had to popular music emI top em all and respect is what ns needHollow advice in the clips just to make her ass bleedI'mma autumn this pussy with the braids off seeI'mma dump his human body in Chuck's yard, UNLVI said this Mr. Cheerleader no to fuck v meI called ya to save my fuckin' name out ya fuckin' mouthYou didn't carry out it now it's time come take your ass out<5th Verse-Yella>I gets lowdown and dirty v the dirty 30Because I'm in your community plus my nose dirtyI'm right into Chuck's house, deliverin' the negative luckAs ns spin the bin through speed, it's as well late to duckI'm favor Jim Harbaugh, puffin' ~ above a hot MarlboroI'm strictly with that asshole and comin' to down ya farWhy did i ask would certainly I please leaving ya alone ya see?I captured my opponents slippin' gettin' groceriesI waits behind the mailbox like an old drunkardAs Archie Bunker, comfortable? friend bitch youYou view I to walk by, ns ride by, ns drive by tooI got's the AR-45 and also an AP-9, too