Why The Twilight movies Recast Victoria because that Eclipse The Twilight Saga: Eclipse had actually a really different Victoria come the one that viewers knew from Twilight and new Moon. Here"s what happened.

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Twilight why Victoria to be recast in Eclipse
The Twilight film series wasn’t for sure from recasting, and also the personality of Victoria was one the went through that procedure – and also it was a little messy. Together it happens with many successful books, Stephenie Meyer’s frequently controversial Twilight series was adjusted to the huge screen between 2008 and also 2012, v the last book, Breaking Dawn, being split into two components (very much like the Harry Potter collection did with Deathly Hallows). Twilight had actually Robert Pattinson as vampire protagonist Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, the human being protagonist of the story.

Twilight presented a number of characters – vampires, humans, and also werewolves. Together it turned out, there are a most vampire covens all roughly the world. Bella and also Edward’s main opponents were the Volturi and also James’ coven, and among those was the knavish Victoria. Introduced in the very first book in a little role, Victoria was James’ lover and assisted that in every one of his missions. Victoria wouldn"t offer up and also spent the very first two Twilight movies ~ Bella. After James to be killed, however, she swore revenge on Edward Cullen by plot to kill the woman he loved in New Moon. Together a result, Victoria developed an military of newborn vampires to increase up versus the Cullens and also the werewolves, who were additionally protecting Bella.

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As Victoria, actress Rachelle Lefevre appeared in the very first two movies, Twilight and The Twilight Saga: brand-new MoonBut simply as things were start to heat up for she character"s storyline, Lefevre was dropped native the franchise fully and replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard, that went on to star in Black Mirror and the Jurassic World movies.

Why Twilight changed Rachelle Lefevre with Bryce Dallas Howard

prior to her duty in the Twilight Saga, Lefevre had functioned in assorted TV shows, though she was greatly cast for young roles. Together for her occupational on the big screen, she appeared in Confessions that a danger Mind together Tuvia, amongst other projects. Twilight to be her very first big film and she was devoted to the duty of Victoria. However, simply as Eclipse began filming, Lefevre was let walk from the role of Victoria and also the folks in ~ Summit Entertainment actors Howard in she place. The reason for the readjust was revealed in so late 2009, v representatives the Summit attributing Lefevre"s dismissal from Eclipse to scheduling conflicts. Howard was formerly up for the function of Victoria, however she rotate it under at the time due to it being “too little of a part” come accept.

In one interview with Access Hollywood (via SyFy), Lefevre claimed she was “stunned” by Summit’s decision come recast she role, explaining she was completely committed to the character of Victoria and the Twilight movie series, admitting she turn down other avenues to ensure the she was obtainable for filming. Lefevre included that, in accordance through her contractual rights, she only took duties that had really short shooting schedules, amongst those the comedy-drama Barney’s Version, which only compelled her to be on set for ten days. Prior to then, Summit had reportedly choose up she contract option for Eclipse. However, Summit apparently “had a problem during those 10 days” and couldn’t accommodate Lefevre, and also chose come recast the part. Summit no waste time and also a representative easily replied, explaining that the actress failed to inform the studio of she commitment come Barney’s Version in advance of shooting Eclipse. In a statement to Entertainment Weekly, Summit alleged that Lefevre withheld the information around her filming schedule for Barney"s Version until the "last possible moment." because of the studio having to manage several various other actors" schedules, Summit"s statement cites that for the reason behind Lefevre"s dismissal from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

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Victoria met she fate in Eclipse, once she and her new partner, Riley, were damaged by Edward and young wolf Seth Clearwater. Thus, Howard just played the function of Victoria because that one film. Lefevre showed up again in The Twilight Saga: break Dawn - component 2, yet it was through archive footage and that just made the whole instance even an ext awkward. In the end, Eclipse to be met with blended reviews, also if some discover it to be the finest in the saga, and also it’s inevitable to wonder how different Victoria’s last appearance would have been had actually the Twilight Saga retained its initial actress.