By 1964, prick Clark had successfully galvanized youth culture and helped popularize rock & roll onAmerican Bandstand. The year he relocated the show from Philadelphia to Los Angeles to ride the tide of surf bands that were crashing the charts. The had also hosted a couple of game shows (The thing Is and lacking Links) together well. However now he to be looking come produce.
A year later, his prick Clark Productions available up its first television series, a Bandstand spin-off calledWhere the activity Is. The 35-year-old Clark would not hold the 30-minute show, instead handing the mic come Steve Alaimo, a short level teen idol who collection the record for many songs in the Billboard 100 without hitting the height 40. Action kicked off on June 27, 1965.

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The action, so come speak, was outside. Instead of filming musical acts in a television studio, the cameras caught rising acts outdoors — top top the beach, in a park, top top the L.A. Streets, etc.
Here room the young Kinks playing outside the earliest brick building (and very first Mexican restaurant!) in L.A.
Man, the Kinks were the coolest and also I want to live in every moment of that clip. Together you have the right to see, the show also featured a continual team that dancers called The action Kids.
Originally a summer replacement slotted in ~ 2PM ~ above ABC, WTAI thrived popular sufficient to move to 4:30PM,following Dark Shadows come nab the after-school crowd. Paul Revere & The Raiders served as the home band, sporting their trademark blue frock coats top top the black and also white screen. Lock were ultimately replaced by the Robbs, a beat tape from Wisconsin who cut a great little nugget called "Bittersweet" i heartily recommend.
But what made the display soar to be the embarrassment of riches in its bookings. The roster of teams to struggle the show covered every little thing from girl teams to garage rock, from individual to soul. You could record SoCal locals prefer the Music device ripping through "Talk Talk":
The Byrds, The Who, The Shangri-Las, James Brown, Bobby Rydell, The Zombies, Dusty Springfield, Marvin Gaye… the amazing list of guest goes on and also on. As if you couldn"t tell by the Noxzema sponsorship in the closing credits below, the target industry was teens. Alaimo would shot to cash in and release an album the covers dubbed Where The action Is, however alas pulling turn off a James Brown number was no his forte.

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Because the music rights, we"ll likely never acquire a finish DVD collection of this spectacular series. Thankfully, over there is the wormhole the is YouTube. Destruction in.



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