Tony Hawk"s agree Skater 1 + 2, the remastered pairing of the Birdman"s first two digital outings, is the end now.

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The game is a faithful remake of the PS1 classics, and also is a return to form after some disappointing entries in the franchise.

However, there"s one thing missing...

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THPS 1 + 2: exactly how To Unlock brand-new Characters

Unfortunately, over there aren"t numerous unlockable personalities in the game - us know, crazy right!?

Jack Black/Officer Dick

The greatest one is Tenacious D frontman and all-round talented man Jack Black, recognized by the moniker "Officer Dick" here.

To unlock him, you"ll have to complete every an obstacle for your produced skater, of which there are 24.


There"s additionally the Roswell Alien, who you have the right to unlock by grabbing all the alien plushies.

Considering the franchise has offered the likes that Darth Maul in the past, we"re a teeny little bit disappointed.

The greatest loss is Spider-Man, who was unlockable in the 2nd game thanks to then-developer Neversoft functioning on Spider-Man titles, too.

That method even using cheat codes won"t gain the webhead, even if friend remember them from way back when.

It"s a shame us won"t have the ability to pull turn off his web-slinging board tricks, together it"d look an excellent in 2020!

That said, the wall-crawler is coming to Marvel"s Avengers, yet you"ll need to play it on PS4 to unlock him next year.

That"s no to say over there isn"t a hefty sheep of silliness though, with a skeleton character accessible for Digital deluxe Edition pre-order customers.

If you"ve gained the itch to unlock things, inspect out our overview to unlock all of the skate parks in the video game here.

For much more on THPS 1 + 2, be sure to check out our testimonial where we were extremely impressed by not just its attention to the details that the original yet the way in which it renders subtle evolutions to a 20-year-old game.

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You can discover it here.

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