If yes sir one thing to know around your vehicle’s airbags, it’s this: castle designed to conserve lives. Low, medium and high-speed crashes happen all the time. Part account for major – sometimes fatal – accidents, while others an outcome in minor to moderate injuries. And, no matter the severity of one accident, the deployment of an airbag frequently plays a vital role in shaping the result of a traffic collision.

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Along with ideal lap and shoulder chair belts, a totally functional network that airbags is intended to work-related as a safety system, giving vehicle drivers a better chance in ~ survival during a traffic accident. However, the topic of airbags also comes through a same share of controversy. And certain cases that airbag inflation have actually done opposing of keeping drivers safe, sometimes bring about severe bodily injury or also death.

So, those a driver to do? take it a look at the adhering to tips and also information to far better understand airbag safety and also how the relates come your in its entirety driving experience.

By the Numbers: Airbags conserve Lives

Did you recognize front airbags have actually been a required function for every vehicles manufactured since 1999? this particular day there room some vehicles with 10 airbags. Vehicles like the Volvo XC60 also have overhead airbags.

According come the insurance money Institute for Highway security (IIHS), newer vehicles v airbags are reducing driver deaths in frontal crashes by 29 percent. Passenger airbags have diminished the fatality count of passenger over period 13 by around 32 percent. 

Between 1987 and also 2017, 50,457 stays were saved by frontal airbags. They space now considered essential safety tools when used together with seatbelts.

The one airbag that the IIHS has found to provide little benefit is knee airbags. In some cases, knee airbags can actually boost the likelihood of one injury. After examining 400 front crash tests, it was identified knee airbags diminished injuries through just fifty percent a percent, 7.9 percent compared to 7.4 percent when front passengers space buckled up.

Your place is crucial for Airbag Safety

Wearing her seat belt every time you’re behind the wheel plays a significant role in your in its entirety safety during an accident. However, your place to the airbag is miscellaneous to factor in also. During airbag deployment, significant head injuries and trauma occur when civilization are not sitting in the correct position or failure to usage their seat belt effectively – if at all. 

To minimization your risk and also maintain the benefits of having an airbag once driving, position yourself as far back from the facility of the steering wheel as possible while still having actually the capacity to regulate how you run the pedals. You may have actually to change your steering wheel because that optimal safety. 

The national Highway traffic Safety administration takes this one action further, recommending you save a 10-inch minimum an are between the center of the steering wheel because that drivers and the dashboard for the appropriate front passenger. V that in mind, it’s finest if the airbag deflates towards the vast expanse of your chest rather than the tiny area of her face. This protects the main point of her body while quiet cushioning her head, minimizing your hazard of severe injury.


Kids ~ above Board? store Them in the Backseat

Most frontal airbags are designed to defend adult drivers and also passengers. Yet when it concerns kids, they’re dangerous – also deadly – when they room inflated. So, if you’re driving through a boy under 13 years old in tow, even if it is they’re in a rear or front-facing restraint favor a automobile seat, make certain they’re appropriately seated and correctly limit in the earlier of her vehicle. For youngsters who’ve outgrown their car seat, seating lock in the center earlier seat is always best.

Seating a boy in the ago is extremely important even if you space driving a brief distance. Us recently carried out a inspection that uncovered 1 in 4 parents don’t follow ideal seating practices when driving one mile or less. The brief distance offers a false feeling of security. This is particularly troubling offered that the majority of accidents happen close to home.

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Studies have presented that frontal affect crashes represent 59 percent of passenger car “tow-away” crashes and result in 38 percent that passenger-vehicle occupant fatalities. Youngsters are much less likely to die in a web traffic accident if they’re seated in the earlier because that area the the auto is safer. If friend don’t have a earlier seat or discover you should seat your boy in the front, having actually an on/off switch for the passenger airbag is really vital for minimizing risk. 

A Note around Airbag On/Off Switches

There are very couple of cases whereby the federal government allows you to rotate off the driver’s side airbag if you have actually one in your vehicle. Because that example, if you’re much shorter and have trouble sitting comfortably far from the steering wheel, or you’re a woman who’s so late in pregnancy and also cannot keep room between her abdomen and also the steering wheel, you might be granted permission to turn your airbag off. Examine your driver’s manual for more information.

Airbags absolutely do more an excellent than harm. It’s just a matter of gift mindful of just how you usage them and also what you deserve to do to minimize your threat of injury as soon as they deploy during an accident. The an ext informed girlfriend are around airbags, the more secure you’ll be down the roadway on your long journey together a jar driver!