My show and tell series continues this particular day with mine show and tell letter x ideas. X is probably the most daunting of all the letters for a letter that the main show and tell however hopefully this article will help to offer you some ideas.

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General Show and also Tell Tips:

Look through your kid’s stuffed pets and action figures. Occasionally you can discover a personality whose name starts through the letter that you need.Look through your child’s books. You might find a book with a title that begins with the letter the you needWhen every else falls short have your kiddo take it in one alphabet block through the letter on it or a an alphabet letter magnet.My son once took in a snapshot that he colored from a color book. The snapshot was of miscellaneous that began with the letter the the week and also he loved reflecting off his artwork during share time.

And this won’t assist you think of anything however this last tip will aid keep you out of a bind-

My #1 Show and also Tell Tip

Set a reminder or alarm on her phone for the night before show and also tell.


That way you won’t forget and also scramble to uncover something in your vehicle while girlfriend wait in the drop turn off line for school. Yes, yes that did happen to me. Don’t be me. You’re much better than that!

Show and Tell Letter X

Now generally for letter that the mainly show and tell you’re claimed to bring in miscellaneous that starts with the letter of the week yet for X occasionally teachers permit any native that has actually an X in it so I’m walk to encompass two lists- one for words that start with the letter X and also words that have actually X in them.

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Words that begin with X:

xylophonepirate map v X to mark the spot because that the endowment (you can draw this v your child)X cookie cutterX letter magnetxerox papersomething with the X-men ~ above it, or one X-men activity figurexiaosaurus dinosaur (we have actually a snapshot of one in a publication we have about dinosaurs)

Words through X in them:


Have any other show and also tell letter X ideas? you re welcome be sure to share lock in the comment below! Oh, and also if you’re searching for show and also tell ideas for other letters then inspect out my article that contains them all.