When the COVID-19 pandemic plunged the economy back into recession in early on 2020, the laid bare a fragile and profoundly inequitable labor market. The financial expansion that reigned indigenous 2009 with 2019 lugged historically low unemployment and inflation however failed come reduce revenue inequality or arrest the decline in the variety of high-quality, well-paying jobs. Earnings for all but the highest earners stagnated, volatility in household incomes increased, and also the racial wealth gap and also urban-rural economic divide widened, all fueled by the declining quality and security the jobs. Through the near of the decade, four in ten Americans said they would battle to cover an unanticipated cost of simply $400.

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In the absence of a robust and also coordinated recovery strategy concentrated on boosting the it is provided of great jobs, the same labor sector pathologies that plagued the last recovery will re-emerge: the long-term unemployed will struggle to floor jobs and also many will provide up; exclusive sector job development will it is in slow and uneven; many brand-new jobs will certainly be worse 보다 those lock replace; unemployment among Black and also Latinx employees will remain elevated; and also income and wealth gaps will certainly widen.

This recovery should be different.

The Biden-Harris administration has an historical opportunity to lay the structure for one economy constructed on great jobs, one that ensures the services of economic growth are broadly and fairly shared. A recent nationwide survey points to strong, bipartisan assistance for a robust governmental an answer to the recession the creates brand-new jobs, avoids job loss, and also improves job quality. The administration’s build Back much better plan consists of investments and also executive plot that will create and also improve jobs for U.S. Workers. The plan also makes clear the a great Jobs economic climate will require activity on lot of fronts, from many federal agencies, and throughout all levels of government.

We, the undersigned 11 organizations and also 35 policy experts, researchers, and practitioners the the BETS Taskforce, market the management our full support in efforts to boost the quantity and quality that jobs. Below, we administer a collection of concrete referrals to help guide one all-of-government jobs strategy, consisting of three objectives to overview a national work agenda, a suite the distinct however reinforcing strategies to attain them, and a framework for coordinating activities across government.

Goals and also Strategies for a National work Agenda

Three Pillars of a National tasks Agenda

Three vast but measurable purposes should overview the Biden-Harris administration’s jobs agenda. They can be advanced through discrete actions and policy levers, including discretionary investments, regulatory changes, executive, management orders, and also legislative reforms. A national jobs agenda should aim to:

Make every jobs an excellent jobs and also create more: A great job is one that pays a local living wage, provides enough hours and a predictable schedule, and includes crucial benefits prefer paid leave, health and wellness insurance, and retirement savings. Follow to the Cornell law School’s project Quality Index, ours economy right now generates more bad jobs than an excellent jobs.<1> Reversing the trend through a mix of job-generating investments and policies to increase wages and also benefits need to be at the facility of financial policy.Facilitate access to good jobs: Labor markets are no perfect: also when unemployment is low, some project seekers will battle to discover work, and also when the is high, some employers will battle to find workers. The federal federal government should do much more to connect job seekers and employers with a range of direct and also indirect supports, from fairy subsidies to an abilities training to job counseling. The federal federal government must also take clear actions to dismantle structural barriers to work, including by eliminating irreversible punishments the prevent world with a record from accessing employment.<2> neighborhood colleges, labor force intermediaries, community-based organizations, and the public workforce device are all crucial partners in this work.Eliminate racial and also gender inequities in hiring, pay, and also job quality: raising the it is provided of an excellent jobs is not sufficient to ensure that all americans have accessibility to them. That is an important to perform concrete strategies to address discriminatory hiring, inequities in pay and also benefits, work segregation,<3> and also other employment practices that systematically exclude, or disadvantage particular groups that workers. Having adequate data to track progression towards equity goals is likewise critical, and also the federal government should do long-overdue invest in civic technology infrastructure that deserve to support intensified wage records.<4>

Five Core techniques of a National jobs Agenda

We suggest the following core tactics as anchors because that an all-of-government effort. This strategies, while no exhaustive, incorporate a wide range of tasks that advancement one or more of the objectives outlined above:

Leverage the strength of the federal federal government as investor, purchaser, and also employer to create brand-new jobs and improve the top quality of existing jobs.

Beginning in the 1980s, increases in GDP quit translating into far better jobs or higher wages.<5> Restoring the link in between economic development and great jobs is critical for structure shared prosperity. The federal government is unique positioned to create and improve tasks through its various spending and regulatory capacities. The private sector alone is unlikely to create enough good jobs come support financial recovery and also will need a robust, sustained, and well-coordinated federal push to create and improve jobs.

Embedding a emphasis on jobs right into every facet of federal spending is the structure of an all-of-government strategy to building a great Jobs Economy. The build Back much better plan already promises to create good jobs through investments in infrastructure, care, and also climate readjust mitigation. The federal government can likewise require the companies and also organizations the contract through the federal government or obtain federal resources pay living wages, administer essential benefits, and also hire regional employees. It deserve to reward enterprise (including little companies and also social enterprises)<6> that prioritize racial and also gender equity in hiring and pay, and also it deserve to do the exact same for labor unions. Finally, the government can serve as a model employer itself, rental entry-level apprentices and also prioritizing racial and also gender equity throughout the windy workforce.

Accelerate employed staff through energetic labor sector policies, consisting of national service, transitional jobs, and also subsidized employed staff programs.

Extended bouts of unemployment specific a hefty toll ~ above individuals, both financially and also emotionally. A ache lesson native the an excellent Recession was that plenty of long-term unemployed human being never found new jobs, generating a cascade of an unfavorable outcomes for those workers and their families. Young workers additionally struggled to get a secure foothold in the post-recession economy.<7> Even during periods of short unemployment, many job seekers face significant barriers to employment that can properly lock them the end of the labor market. This is particularly true for world with conviction records.<8> opportunity youth, youth and adults influenced by the righteousness system,<9> long-term unemployed people, human being with disabilities, enlarge workers, and workers without postsecondary credentials are all specifically vulnerable to extended or long-term unemployment in the lack of active labor sector strategies.

While numerous workers are unemployed, American communities are dealing with shortages of workers in crucial sectors such together health, education, social services, and community development, i m sorry the private sector is no well positioned come fill. Strategy investments in workforce and economic advancement that channel resources to neighborhoods to produce needed jobs deserve to fill in wherein the personal sector falls short. Youth employment, community jobs, national organization programs, and also transitional employment<10> room all examples of effective labor industry interventions the can respond to the damaging impacts of permanent unemployment while adding value to communities.<11> The Biden-Harris administration can embed these proven strategies right into larger investments in infrastructure, the care economy, and also climate change mitigation.

Increase invest in apprenticeship, work-based learning, sectoral partnerships, job pathways, and also other reliable workforce development strategies.

A great Jobs economic climate is one in i beg your pardon young world are maybe to gain the an abilities and experience essential to obtain a an excellent job and also in which adult in require of a brand-new job can do the same. Our postsecondary education and also training systems offer a selection of programs the promise come prepare world for good jobs, with very mixed results. However as the Obama administration’s evaluation of task training programs revealed, part strategies, such together apprenticeship, job pathways, on-the-job training, and sectoral partnerships, have demonstrated consistently strong results.<12>

The construct Back far better plan’s proposed invest in ar colleges and workforce advance are already well aligned with a national work strategy. Our public workforce and also unemployment insurance systems room chronically underfunded contrasted to other advanced economies and also in desperate need of capacity-building investment.<13> Workforce development strategies favor pre-apprenticeship<14> and apprenticeship, work-based learning, and also sectoral partnerships already enjoy bipartisan support in Congress, opened up the opportunity for additional discretionary invest to broaden them. Investments in infrastructure, treatment jobs, and climate change mitigation can likewise include set-asides because that these high-quality training and also employment strategies.

Strengthen enforcement that worker protections and also update labor laws and regulations; prioritize racial and also gender equity in enforcement.

The steady decline in task quality over the last couple of decades tribe in part from the erosion the worker protections. The expansion of the gig economy and also arm's-length employed staff arrangements that totally free businesses from payment a minimum wage or adhering to health and safety regulations have actually been specifically detrimental.<15> The weakening that protections has not to be uniform: low-wage workers in retail, hospitality, child care, and also home treatment are among the most vulnerable to wage theft and also workplace safety violations. Black and also Latinx workers and women are particularly likely to be affected.

A great Jobs economy requires solid and enforceable worker protections. It also requires job laws and also regulations that have the right to keep pace v how modern technology is transforming work-related arrangements and ensure those changes benefit workers as well as companies and consumers. The Biden-Harris management can go after a range of administrative, regulatory, and legislative enforcement strategies to strengthen worker protections and update labor policies.

Support unions and also other forms of worker company that improve job quality and advance racial and also gender equity.

Workers covered by a union contract make, top top average, 11.2 percent more in wages than your non-union peers and also are significantly an ext likely to have actually jobs that offer wellness insurance, retirement benefits, and also employer-funded training.<16> The greater wages and benefits negotiated by unions within a certain industry ar or geographic an ar often have actually spillover effects, increasing the wages and benefits because that non-union workers.<17>

Increasing unionization rates, an especially in the private sector, will be critical for maintain a an excellent Jobs Economy. Currently, just 12 percent of american workers are union members; among those who job-related in the exclusive sector, just six percent are. The Biden-Harris management can strengthen unions with executive orders, investment strategies, enforcement of labor laws, procurement policies, and also revised capital models. It can also work with Congress on regulation to strengthen worker protections and also facilitate organizing and collective action.

Framework for Action

The following section has a framework to support the coordination and implementation of the national jobs agenda outlined above. The framework identifies methods to breakthrough each of the 5 strategies v a selection of federal policy levers, consisting of executive actions, regulatory and also administrative changes, legislation, and fiscal policy, v the White home playing a leading function in coordinating inter-agency activities and public message on the score of producing a an excellent Jobs Economy.

Federal Policy frame for Action

Executive leadership: across the 5 core strategies outlined above, the White residence should lead an all-of-government approach to building a great Jobs economic situation by coordinating interagency efforts; working through Congress on appropriate legislation and also budget negotiations; convening vital stakeholders throughout the public and also private sectors; commissioning research, evaluation, and also analyses to overview policy; and leading with public messaging to develop support for a national jobs agenda.

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Below, we lay out specific policy plot the Biden-Harris management can take in the category of 1) Regulatory, administrative, and also executive actions, 2) legislature actions, and also 3) Fiscal and also budgetary actions in stimulate to advance a national work agenda. Cited resources carry out further context and also guidance related to the associated policy actions.