Sometimes it seems overwhelming when you walk down the beer aisle of her favorite liquor store and also see the enormous variety of beer choices.

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Lagers, IPAs, Stouts, Porters, Wheat Beer, Fruit Beers, Lambics, Pale Ales, Pilsners, and also the perform goes on and also on and also on. But out the the hundreds of accessible beer selections, most every type and style of beer have actually one point in common.

These are the 4 main ingredients in every beer.

Yes there have the right to be additional ingredients like various spices and fruits to attain a particular beer profile, yet they all use the 4 ingredients because that the basic of every beer.

It may seem obvious, but most that the beer that you drink is water. Over 90% of her favorite brew is do of great old-fashioned H2O – the basic that all of the other ingredients flourish within. Negative water usuallymeans bad beer too.

For many beer drinkers, the kind of water used throughout brewing is usually also thought about. Yet for the mega breweries, as well as a homebrewer, the water used can make every the distinction in the taste and quality that the beer.

Not all tap water is the same. Some water is thought about “hard or soft”, or heavily chlorinated, or it might contain plenty of different mineral which deserve to drastically impact the flavor of the beer.


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