Chief of State
Term for the president together the head of the federal government of the unified States, price of all the world of the nation.

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Chief ExecutiveTerm because that the president as vested with the executive power of the united States.
Chief AdministratorTerm because that the President together head of the management of the federal Government.
Chief DiplomatTerm because that the President together the main architect of international policy and spokesperson to various other countries.
Commander-In-ChiefTerm because that the President as commander the the nation's equipped forces.
Chief LegislatorTerm because that the President together architect of publicly policy and also the one who sets the agenda for Congress.
Chief of PartyTerm for the President as the leader of his or she political party.
Chief CitizenTerm because that the President as the representative the the people, functioning for the public interest.
Presidential SuccessionManner in i m sorry a vacancy in the presidency is to it is in filled
Presidential ElectorsThe persons chosen by the voter to represent them in do a formal selection of the President and Vice President.
Electoral CollegeGroup of persons (presidential electors) liked in each State and the district of Columbia every four years who make a formal selection of the President and also Vice President.
Presidential PrimaryElection at which a party's voters (1) pick some or every one of a State party organization's delegates to that party's national convention, and/or (2) express a preference among various contenders because that the party's presidental nomination.
Winner-Take-AllA system through which the presidential aspirant who won the preference vote in a primary automatically won the assistance of all the delegates liked in the primary.
Keynote Addressspeech provided at a party convention to collection the tone for the convention and also the project to come.
PlatformWritten statements of the principles and policy location of a political party, usually adopted at the party's convention.

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ElectorateAll that the persons entitled to poll in a provided election.
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