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mastigophoran, mastigote, masting, mastitis, mast leukocyte, masto-, mastocarcinoma, mastocyte, mastocytoma, mastocytosis, mastodon

Masto- is a combining kind used like a prefix definition “breast.” it is regularly used in medical terms, specifically in anatomy and also pathology.

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Masto- comes from the Greek mastós, definition “breast.” The Latin-based analog to masto- is mammo-, from mamma, meaning “breast.”

What space variants of masto-?

When an unified with words or word facets that start with a vowel, masto- becomes mast-, together in mastectomy.

One instance of a clinical term that features the combining form masto- is mastotomy, additionally known as a mammotomy, definition “incision that the breast.”

We know that masto- method “breast.” The -tomy component of the word may also look familiar; that is a combine form meaning “incision.” Mastotomy literally converts to “breast incision.”

What space some words that use the combining kind masto-?

What space some other forms that masto- might be typically confused with?

While that doesn’t use the combining form masto-, mastodon, an extinction elephant-like animal, additionally comes native the very same Greek word because that “breast.” Learn an ext about where words mastodon originates from at ours entry because that the word.

Also note that mast cells, from the German Mast (“fattening of animals for slaughter”), room not concerned masto-. This cells offer their name to such conditions as mastocytosis.

Break that down!

The combining type –pathy has actually various meanings, including “disease.” with this in mind, what go mastopathy median in daily language?

How to usage masto- in a sentence

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British betterworld2016.org interpretations for masto-


before a collection mast-

combining form
indicating the breast, mammary glands, or something the same, similar thing a breast or nipplemastodon; mastoid

Word beginning for masto-

from Greek mastos breast

Medical meanings for masto-


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Breast; mammary gland; nipple:mastectomy.


tesseractnoun | SEE DEFINITION
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