Family Guy: The Story Behind the Show's Star wars Episodes After year of express George Lucas" expansive franchise, family members Guy finally got the opportunity to do its own Star battles episodes.

Star Wars family members guy
It"s no an enig that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is a bit of a nerd. His collection contains endless pop society references, mostly come various elements of nerd culture, including Monty PythonBack come The FutureLord of the Rings and Indiana Jones. Yet the fandom many referenced in the animated series has come be Star Wars.

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Family Guy began making recommendations to the Star Wars films as early on as Season 1, with characters frozen in carbonite, escape ford used and Jabba the Hut also making appearances. Finally, in the hour-long Season 6 premiere, Family Guy went all-in v a full parody of Episode IV: A new Hope titled Blue Harvest -- a recommendation to the fake working title that the original Star Wars. That eventually led to family members Guy parodying all three original Star Wars films: A new Hope, The empire Strikes Back and also Return that the Jedi.

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How family members Guy"s Star wars Episodes came to Be

MacFarlane debated the Star Wars parodies in Family Guy"s Season 11 retrospective illustration "200 episodes Later." "We had done a variety of Star Wars gags on the show, and also they were so frequent ultimately Fox legal stated to us, "If you"re walking to save doing these, we have to get clearance from Lucasfilm, since there"s simply no way we"re no going to gain sued,"" the recalled. "And we claimed "Ah, well, God, that"s the finish of it," friend know, "we"re no going to have the ability to do this anymore." and Lucasfilm surprised us by saying, "Yeah, no, we prefer this.""

With the blessing of Lucasfilm, Family Guy developed three hour-long specials: Season 6"s, "Blue Harvest" a parody of Episode IV: A brand-new Hope; Season 8"s "Something something Something Dark Side," a parody the The realm Strikes Back; and Season 9"s "It"s A Trap," a parody of Return of the Jedi. Each illustration is a retelling that the renowned film, using Family Guy personalities in the Star Wars roles. Lot to the pleasure of pan of the sci-fi films, they actually do fantastic job the accurately relaying the story.

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Robot Chicken Parodied Star battles First

But Family Guy isn"t the only present to parody the Star Wars franchise. Long prior to shows choose The Simpsons had actually their own Star Wars specials, Seth Green, who voices chris Griffin on Family Guy, used his map out comedy stop-motion show Robot Chicken to poke funny at a galaxy far, much away. The show aired a 22-minute one-of-a-kind called Robot Chicken: Star Wars, making references to all of the franchise"s films, including Episodes I-III, which weren"t parodied on Family Guy.

The happy rivalry between Family Guy and Robot Chicken is referenced transparent MacFarlane"s series, yet especially in "It"s A Trap." In among the last scenes of the episode, Emperor Palpatine (Carter Pewterschmidt) is do the efforts to uncomfortable Luke (Chris Griffin) by badmouthing Seth Green, who voices Chris. The sequence is entertaining, through Palpatine make the efforts to gain a climb out that Luke by claiming Seth eco-friendly has never ever made any type of popular films, while additionally making specific reference to "that God-awful puppet show," Robot Chicken. 

At the finish of the episode, the scene returns to the Griffin household in their living room, whereby Peter (voiced through MacFarlane) and Chris argue about which Seth is worse, with MacFarlane"s characters advocating for himself, while the rather vote for Green.

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The Future of household Guy"s Star battles Episodes

The episodes to be an instant hit, not only with fans of Family male and Star Wars, but also with George Lucas himself, at the very least according come MacFarlane.

"As a issue of fact, as soon as the an initial "Blue Harvest" episode was about to air, us were invited up to his ranch and also we sat down and watched it v him," MacFarlane said the Los Angeles time in 2009. "We were half-expecting him to say, "You understand what? us can’t allow this come air." however he lugged his son, and they to be both into it."

However, in spite of the success the the Star Wars episodes, Family Guy is i can not qualify to tackle the prequel or sequel trilogies. According to Sulkin, “ is a little more difficult to deal with," do the chances of another collaboration minuscule. The didn"t prevent MacFarlane and his an innovative team from having fun in ~ Star Wars" expense, though. In the 2010 direct-to-video one-of-a-kind "It"s A Trap," Peter remarks that the Family Guy spinoff The Cleveland Show might do Episodes I-III.

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While more Star Wars episodes may be off the table, Family Guy will surely continue to reference MacFarlane"s favorite films, television shows and also moments in popular music culture, consisting of a galaxy far, far away.

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