After spending year protecting your kids from every sorts of threats on the road and off, girlfriend now face the prospect of handing castle the keys to the family members car. That is time for them to learn how to drive. Space you prepared? us can help you mold her teen into a safe and also capable driver.

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betterworld2016.org’s teen Drivingsite consists of information top top states" driver licensing needs for teens and ideas and resources to help you—the parents—lay down the ground rules through your aspiring driver prior to you hand over the vehicle keys. Below you will certainly findin-depth information on few of the most typical safety difficulties novice teen motorists should avoid. Educate yourself around the after-effects of illegal alcohol use by minors, the benefits of chair belt use, the cultivation epidemic of distracted driving, and also much more.

hazard Factors

Your teen sees a driver"s patent as a step toward freedom, however you could not be certain your teen is all set for the road. One thing is certain: teens aren"t ready to have actually the very same level the driving duty as adults. Teen chauffeurs have a higher rate of deadly crashes, mainly since of your immaturity, absence of skills,and absence of experience. They speed, they do mistakes, and they get distracted quickly – particularly if their friends room in the car. To assist your teen continue to be safe behind the wheel, all50 states and also the ar of Columbia have actually a three-stagegraduated driver licensing (GDL) system that limits high-risk driving instances for new drivers. This technique can alleviate your teen"s crash threat by as lot as 50%.

What have the right to You Do?

Talk to your teen around the dangers of drug and also alcohol use. Repeat them the it is illegal come drink under the period of 21, and it is illegal—and deadly—to drink and drive. If a teenager isunder 21, his or she blood alcohol concentration (BAC) should always be at .00, not simply under .08, i m sorry is the legal limit for motorists over period 21.Be a an excellent role model. Remember that your boy looks come you as a driver, so practice safe steering yourself. Set aside time to take your teenager on exercise driving sessions. It deserve to be a an excellent way to invest time together and also to enable your teen to improve some straightforward driving skills. Her teen"s discovering starts in ~ home.Don"t rely solely on a driver"s education class to teach your teen to drive. Remember the driver"s education should be offered as just component of a GDL system.

Bottom Line:

You have much more influence top top your teenager than you might think. Be a good example and also get connected in your driving actions from the beginning, and stay associated for the duration of their teen years.


Teens" inexperience behind the wheel makes them much more susceptible come distraction behind the wheel. One in three teens who text saythey have done for this reason while driving. Is her teen among them? study has discovered that dialing a call number while driving rises your teen"s danger of crashing by 6 times, and also texting when driving rises the threat by 23 times. Talk or texting on the phone call takes her teen"s focus off the job of driving, and also significantly reduces their ability to reaction to a roadway hazard, incident, or impending weather.

Distracted driving can take on plenty of forms past texting and talking ~ above the cabinet phone. Numerous teens may shot to usage their control time to eat their morning breakfast or drink coffee, to apply makeup, or to readjust the radio station. Plenty of teens are distracted by the enhancement of passenger in the vehicle.Any distraction is a danger distraction. Acquisition eyes off the road also for five seconds could price a life.

What can You Do?

Talk to your teen around the rules and responsibilities connected in driving. Share some stories and statistics regarded teen drivers and distracted driving. Remind her teen frequently that control is a ability that requires the driver"s complete attention. Texts and also phone calls have the right to wait until getting here at his or her destination.Set after-effects for distracted driving. If your teen breaks a distraction dominance you"ve set, take into consideration suspending her teen’s steering privileges, additional limiting the hours throughout which they can drive, or limiting the placeswhere they have the right to drive. Parents could likewise consider limiting a teen’s accessibility to your cell phone—a punishment that in today’s human being could be checked out by teens as a severe consequence.Set theexample by maintaining your eye on the road and your hands on the wheel while driving. Be consistent betweenthe blog post you tell her teen and also your very own driving behaviors. Novice teen vehicle drivers most regularly learn native watching your parents.

Bottom Line:

Eyes ~ above the road, hand on the wheel. All the time.


In a examine analyzed through betterworld2016.org, teen motorists were two-and-a-half times much more likely to engage in one or an ext potentially risky behaviorswhen driving through one teenagepeer, compared to when driving alone. According to the exact same study analyzed by betterworld2016.org, the likelihood that teen vehicle drivers engaging in one or much more risky habits when traveling v multiple passengers boosted to 3 times compared to once driving alone. In fact, research mirrors that the hazard of a deadly crash goes increase in straight relation come the number of teenagers in the car.

What can You Do?

Set her own extr rules and consequences. create the results you will certainly enforce if your teen doesn’t obey the state GDL restrictions. If her state doesn’t have actually a passenger restriction, establish your own dominion limiting the variety of passengers in the car and also enforce it.

Bottom Line:

Most state GDL legislations restrict the number of passengers that can ride in a automobile driven by a teen. Passengers odor an inexperienced teenager driver who have to be focused only ~ above the road, boosting the likelihood the a crash. If your state walk not have actually passenger limitations (FL, IA, MS, SD, and also ND), develop rules v your teen about who can ride through them and also how many human being they can have in their automobile at one time. Make sure your teen follows the rules you set at all times.


Speeding is a critical safety problem for teen drivers. In 2019, it was a aspect in27% that the fatal crashes thatinvolved passenger automobile teen motorists (15-18 year old.)A research by the Governors Highway safety Association (GHSA) found that from 2000-2011, teenagers were associated in19,447 speeding-related crashes. There is likewise evidence indigenous naturalistic driving research studies that teens" speeding behavior increases over time, probably as they acquire confidence (Klauer et al., 2011; Simons-Morton et al., 2013). Teenagers should specifically be conscious of your speed throughout inclement weather, once they might need to mitigate their speed, or with other road conditions, prefer traffic stop or winding roads.

What can You Do?

Get Involved: teens who are monitored very closely tend to rate less. Take it the cause do more to attend to speeding behavior by your teenager driver and also get affiliated in the learning-to-drive process.Be a good role model: never speed. Be consistent between the message you tell her teen and also your own driving behaviors. Children learn from watching your parents.Hold increase on purchase your teenager a new car: according to a examine by GHSA, as soon as a teen very first has a driver"s license, that or she is an ext likely to speed in your own auto versus control the family sedan. If possible, parents should select larger, more recent cars rather than high-performance vehicles.

Bottom Line:

Obey all website traffic signs.


Remind your teen that underagedrinking is illegal, and also driving under the affect of any impairing problem –including illicit, over-the-counter, andprescription drugs – can have deadly consequences. Drink alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal in every state—inside or external of a vehicle. Drunk-driving regulations are constantly strictly enforced, and many states have actually zero-tolerance laws, an interpretation that there can be no trace of alcohol or illegal drugs in your mechanism at any type of time. Allow your teenager know: law enforcement policemans will be able to test for these substances.

Show your teenager the grim stats. According to the Centers for condition Control and also Prevention, teens are an ext likely 보다 anyone rather to be killed in an alcohol-related crash. Even though the minimum legit drinking age in every state is 21, data reflects 16% that 15- come 18-year-old drivers involved in deadly crashes in 2019had to be drinking. Drugs various other than alcohol – illicit as well as prescribed and also over-the-counter – can impact your teen’s driving, therefore be sure you and also your teenager talk about driving and also drug use, too.

If lucky sufficient to endure a crash together an impaired driver, your teenager will challenge the consequences of break the law. Thoseincludea possible trip to jail, the lose of his or herdriver"s license, and also dozens the other costs including attorney fees, court costs, various other fines, and insurance hikes. Your teen will likewise stand to lose scholastic eligibility, college acceptance, and scholarship awards.

Share this fact sheet on alcohol and driving v your teenagers and make certain they know the consequences of breaking your state regulations on drunk and also drugged driving.

What can You Do:

Tell her teen that underage drinking, as well as illicit drug use and also over-the-counter and also prescription medicine misuse, is illegal and holds severe consequences. Together, read about some teenagers who"ve been influenced by alcohol or drugs and particularly those who have actually lost their resides to impaired driving. Teenagers can frequently relate far better to other teenagers.Never carry out alcohol to teens. Carry out your part to avoid your teen from having accessibility to alcohol. Unfortunately, part parents think it"s yes sir to provide alcohol because that teens. Don"t perform it—it’s illegal. Parents who supply alcohol to any type of teen—or aid any minor possess or consume alcohol—face jail time, lose of a driver"s license, and also serious fines. Remember: because that those under 21, the BAC limit is no .08—it is zero.Remind your teen that that is never ever safe to ride in a car with someone who has been drinking alcohol or utilizing drugs. If over there is also a apprehension of alcohol or drug use, your teen should decline the ride immediately. Let your teen recognize that castle can call you or an additional trusted adult because that a for sure ride residence if they need one.Make the aftermath clear. repeat your teenagers that they face adult consequences for driving after using alcohol or drugs. Make sure your teens understand that if they hurt underage drinking laws, they challenge a trip to jail, the ns of your driver licenses, and dozens that unanticipated costs including attorney fees, court costs, and other fines. Repeat them that the added embarrassment and also humiliation in obtaining arrested. Drunk- and also drugged-driving convictions can even compromise scholastic eligibility, college acceptance, scholarship awards, and also more.

Bottom Line:

Talk to your teen about alcohol and drug use and driving. Develop a no-alcohol-or-drugs rule, set consequences, and also enforce them. Repeat your teenager to never ever ride v someone who has been drinking or using drugs. Make sure he or she understands that you will always pick lock up regardless of time or location.

seat BELTS

Tragically,seat belt use is lowest amongst teen drivers. In fact, the majority of teens involved in deadly crashes are unbuckled. In 2019, 45%of teen vehicle drivers who passed away were unbuckled. Even much more troubling, as soon as the teenager driver connected in the fatal crash was unbuckled, nine the end of 10 of the passengers who passed away were additionally unbuckled.As teens start driving and also gradually acquire independence, they don"t always make the smartest decisions about their safety. They may think they room invincible,that lock don"t require seat belts. They may have actually a false concept that they have actually the appropriate to pick whether or not to buckle up.

What deserve to You Do?

Set the example: among the best things you have the right to do as a parent and role model is to constantly wear her seat belt in the car. Youngsters who thrive up watching their parents buckle up are much more likely come buckle up once they become drivers. And, before you ever pull out of the driveway, ensure every passengers room buckled to further impress upon your teenager the importance of buckling up.Remind Them: This isn"t a one-time conversation, it"s an recurring effort. Ask your teenager often around wearing a chair belt, and also give basic reminders indigenous time to time. Miscellaneous as basic as a sticky keep in mind in the vehicle can be a helpful visual reminder come your teenager driver. Your teen should buckle increase every trip, as the driver, together a passenger, in the prior seat, and also in the back.

Bottom Line:

It just takes a couple of seconds come buckle up, but it can make the difference of a lifetime.


These days, teens space busier 보다 ever: studying, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and also spending time v friends are among the long list of points they execute to to fill their time. However, with all of these activities, teens tend to weaken on something very important—sleep. This is a dangerous habit that deserve to lead come drowsy driving. In fact, in 2019, drowsy driving declared 697 lives, and some studies also suggest drowsiness may have actually been affiliated in more than 10-20 percent of deadly or injury crashes.

Drowsy steering includes an ext than just falling asleep. The affects a driver’s alertness, attention, reaction time, judgement, and also decision-making capabilities. Those who space at greater risk for a crash resulted in by drowsy driving include drivers17-23 years old, and also those who sleepless 보다 six hrs a night, driveon rural roads, orwho drivebetween midnight and also 6 a.m. Make sure your teen gets a good night’s sleep, and also strictly monitor and also limit their nighttime driving together your state"s GDL legislation stipulates. Her teen"sfriends, passengers, and also other motorists will thank them because that driving safely.

What can You Do?

To combat drowsy driving, parents must make certain that their teenagers get enough sleep in ~ night by establishing and also enforcing a consistent bedtime, and limiting the use of electronic devices prior to bed. It has actually been well-documented that teenagers on mean get much too small sleep top top a continual basis, and also this can jeopardize their ability to safely and effectively drive a engine vehicle. Too little sleep deserve to also affect their power in the classroom and also during extracurricular activities.

Bottom Line:

Ensure your child has the sleep they require so they have the right to drive as safely as possible.

setting Ground Rules

Although teen driver fatalities have declined over the years, motor automobile crashes remain the leading cause of teen deaths.

A study by Liberty Mutual and SADD discovered that parental are setup a bad example for teenagers by engaging in unsafe driving behaviors, such together texting and driving, and are no listening to your kids’ warnings. Forty-one percent of teenagers say their parents continue these unsafe habits even after ~ their teens ask them come stop, and also 28% of teens say your parents justification unsafe behavior.

As a parent, you space the number one affect on your teen driver’s safety. Self-reported surveys display that teens whose parental impose driving restrictions and also set great examples generally engage in much less risky driving and are connected in under crashes.

Here"s just how to obtain started top top shaping her teen into a safe and capable driver.

Start the Conversation Early: Motor car crashes space the leading cause of death for 15- to 18-year-olds in the joined States, and2,042 civilization were killed in crashes involving a teen driver in 2019.Talk to her teens about safe steering early and also often, prior to they with driving age. However don’t avoid there: have actually conversations with the parents of her teen"s partner or friends and also compare notes—both are crucial to your teens’ safety.Set the Standard: talking is important, but action is also better. Display your youngsters safe steering behavior. Begin by modeling an excellent habits any time you journey them anywhere, even before they begin to drive. Make certain you, yourself, are turning off her cell phone and stowing it away, and also buckling her seat belt before beginning your car.Spell the end the Rules: No cabinet phones, no passengers, no speeding, no alcohol, no driving as soon as tired, and constantly buckle up. These rules could help save your teen’s life.
strong GDL programs have the right to reduce the likelihood of a website traffic crash for teen motorists National review of GDL programs

Novice teendrivers space twice as likely as adult motorists to it is in in a deadly crash. Despite a 28%decline in driver fatalities of 15- to 18-year-olds in between 2010and 2019, teens space still significantly overrepresented in fatal crashes.

betterworld2016.org study tells united state that immaturity and also inexperience room primary components contributing to these deadly crashes. Both bring about high-risk habits behind the wheel: driving at nighttime, driving after ~ drinking any kind of amount of alcohol, and also driving distracted by passengers and electronic devices.

To address these problems, all states and also the ar of Columbia have enacted i graduated Driver license (GDL) regulations to give teen drivers more time–under much less risky circumstances–to find out the facility skills forced to run a car .

While driver education and learning classes deserve to teach road rules and also safe control practices, they’re only part ofthe GDL approach, designed to ease teenagers onto the roadway by controlling their exposure to significantly more challenging driving experiences.

How does the GDL device Work?

GDL regulations vary indigenous state come state, but all GDL viewpoints consist of three stages, figured out by the kind of license, provisions, and also restrictions. Novice vehicle drivers 15 to 18 years old must demonstrate responsible driving habits during each phase of licensing prior to advancing to the next level.

betterworld2016.org recommends the adhering to provisions and restrictions for each stage:

Stage 1: Learner"s Permit

Minimum ageMinimum durationRequired looked after driving hours

Stage 2: intermediary (Provisional) License

Minimum ageNighttime driving restrictionPassenger restriction (except for family, unless noted)

Stage 3: full Licensure

Minimum age
Novice teen vehicle drivers rarely crash while they room being supervised by adults, yet have the highest possible crash rates of all age groups throughout the first 6 months of unsupervised driving as soon as they become fully licensed. Oversaw Driving in a GDL routine

BecauseGDL legislations vary, that is essential to uncover out your very own state’s GDL law. If you’re in ~ it, examine out your licensing agency’s website because that the driver hands-on your teen reads and a parent overview to managed driving.

Many states need parents come certify their teens have completed a particular amount of supervised driving exercise – commonly 40 come 50 hrs – before they qualify for an intermediate license. Other states require a 6- come 12-month stop period. The a good idea to save a everyday log of her teen’s driving activities.

What deserve to I do to Make sure My Teen complies with the GDL Laws?

While GDL laws have proven effective, they have the right to be an overwhelming to enforce. Imagine the challenges police confront determining your teenager driver’s age from afar ~ 9p.m. That’s why her oversight is so important. Set driving floor rules v your teen and also explain the results for breaking them; then gain it in writing utilizing a contract like the Parent-Teen driving Contract (PDF, 1.55 MB).Most importantly:Enforce the rules.

In a Nutshell

Check the end your license agency’s website for the driver hands-on your teen reads and also a parent guide to oversaw driving.Keep a everyday log of her teen’s driving.Set driving floor rules through your teen and explain the consequences; then obtain it in composing and, most importantly, obtrude the rules.


betterworld2016.org-Recommended GDL Provisions and also Restrictions

Stage 1: Learner"s Permit

State sets minimum period for a learner"s permit at no younger 보다 16 year old;Pass vision and knowledge tests, including rules the the road, signs, and also signals;Completion of simple driver training;Licensed adult (who is at least 21 year old) compelled in the auto at every times;All inhabitants must wear chair belts;Zero alcohol in mechanism while driving;Learners allow is visually distinctive from other driver licenses;Must stay crash- and also conviction-free, consisting of violations the the chair belt, zero-tolerance, speed, and other GDL provisions, for at the very least 6 consecutive month to advance to the following level;Parental certification that 30 to 50 exercise hours; andNo usage of portable electronic communication orentertainment tools while driving.

Stage 2: intermediary (Provisional) License

Completion of stage 1;State set minimum age of 16.5 year old;Completion of intermediate driver education and learning training (e.g., safe driving decision-making, danger education);All inhabitants must wear seat belts;Licensed adult compelled in the automobile from 10 p.m. Until 5 a.m. (e.g., nighttime driving restriction) with limited exceptions (e.g., religious, medical, or school- or employment-related driving);Zero alcohol in system while driving;Provisional patent is visually distinctive from a continuous license;Teenage passenger restrictions – not more than one teenpassenger for the first 12 months of intermediary License. Afterward, limit the number of teenpassengers to two until age 18;Must stay crash- and also conviction-free, consisting of violations the the seat belt, zero-tolerance, speed, and also other GDL provisions, because that at least 6 consecutive months to advance to the next level; andNo use of portable electronic interaction or entertainment gadgets while driving.

Stage 3: full Licensure

Completion of phase 2;State to adjust minimum period of 18 because that lifting that passenger and nighttime restrictions;Zero alcohol in mechanism while driving; andVisually distinctive patent for drivers under the age of 21.
driving tests space intended to ensure that civilization using publicly roadways have a minimum level the competence and also are conscious of for sure driving practices and road legislation Driver License experimentation of Young Novice motorists

The benefits of Driver"s education and learning Programs

Teen vehicle drivers are affiliated in vehicle crashes not due to the fact that they space uninformed about the an easy rules the the roadway or for sure driving practices; rather, studies display teens are associated in crashes as a an outcome of inexperience and also risk-taking. Teenager drivers, specifically 16- and 17-year-olds, have high deadly crash rates since of your immaturity and minimal driving experience, i beg your pardon often result in high-risk habits behind the wheel. Peer pressure is specifically potent factor. In a recent betterworld2016.org study, teenagers were two-and-a-half times much more likely to interact in possibly risky habits when driving with a teenage peer versus driving alone. The likelihood raised to three times once traveling v multiple passengers.

Driver"s education and learning programs are designed come teach teen chauffeurs the rules of the road and to help them become safe drivers so they can obtain the crucial driving an abilities to prepare for and pass the roadway driving test and, ultimately, acquire a driver’s license. Officially driver education programs exist in nearly every jurisdiction in the united States. These programs typically mirror states’ specific driving requirements, whichassure novice drivers are being taught information relevant come state requirements. The graduated driver license (GDL) system, which identifies driver education and learning as an important component,gives novice motorists experience under adult supervision and protection by progressively introducing the novice driver to more complex driving situations. In fact, multiple research studies report the GDL systems reduce the number of teen crashes. But the learning doesn"t stop there. Together a parent, it’s important that you take it a proactive duty in keeping your teenager alive and injury-free throughout the early years of your driving education.


What deserve to I perform to store My teen Driver for sure on the Road?

Get Involved

Share crucial driving tips in these reality for novice drivers with her teenager.Set ground rules and after-effects for your teen driver, and get that in writing.Be a duty model – exercise safe driving habits every time you drive.

Explore Driving college Options

Ask the appropriate questions. Go to the Driving school Association of the Americas"driving school index for much more information on professional driving colleges in her state. Parental should also seek driver education programs that fulfill or exceed the Novice teen Driver Education and Training governmental Standards.

Fact Sheets because that Novice teenager Drivers

Traffic crashes are a leading reason of fatality for teens. Impairment, passengers, distractions from mobile phones and also navigation systems, speeding, and not attract a seat belt are amongst the major contributing factors to the number of teen injuries and fatalities on ours nation’s roads each year. In light of a nationwide rise in passenger vehicle-related fatalities, betterworld2016.org is stepping increase its teen safety efforts.

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Through research, neighborhood partnerships, State safety provide programs, and public awareness campaigns such as national Teen Driver safety Week, betterworld2016.org demonstrates its dedication to cultivating safe teen driving.

Under our teenager Driving topic, you’ll find resources around safe control behaviors and Graduated Driver license (GDL) laws developed for parents and also caregivers the teens.

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